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Channel request

I've been around

Please add Reelz channel. If you need room dump A&E. Would love to watch Live PD!!


Re: Channel request


Good day @Eastender,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thanks for your post!


We appreciate you took the time to share your feedback with us regarding our channel lineup.


We'll pass it along for review. Take care and have a nice day!




Re: Channel request

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Reelz channel is not authorized for broadcast in Canada, so even if rogers decides they should add it, the CRTC will not allow them to.  Please contact the CRTC for information on this matter for an explanation, not Rogers.

Re: Channel request

I'm a trusted contributor

Live PD was an A&E show, but the Reelz tv channel version is called On Patrol Live. Many of the older episodes can be streamed or downloaded for free from youtube, and the newer episodes are uploaded by the pirates to various free sites, so that no torrenting is necessary.
Many Canadians also subscribe to Reelz tv via the American online streaming companies (like Sling). Peacock has recently made Reelz tv available as a Premium add-on option, so that might be the cheapest way to pay for Reelz tv content.

Without VPNs or DNS trickery, countless content from all over the world would be missed.

The real problem is trying to find the time to watch even half of it.

Regardless of where we live, there will always be content from other countries that is either not available to us, or delayed long enough that we eventually get tired of waiting, and often end up going to the dark side of the planet ... Where vigilante-viewing justice reigns supreme.

Dirty Harry
(Law & Border Patrol)



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