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4K Nextbox (CAV10455HD): user interface becomes unresponsive

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Sometimes, our 4K NextBox (CAV10455HD) becomes unresponsive to any UI command: remote buttons don't register (we tried both remotes); even the front-panel power button doesn't register. Meanwhile, the box continues to play live TV or a recording; it doesn't totally freeze, just the UI.


  • It tends to come and go. Rebooting the box (whether unplugging or, once it's rebooted, using the Settings menu to reboot the box) doesn't reliably fix the issue. When it happens, it tends to happen several times.
  • My husband thinks it happens more frequently on a Saturday. *shrug*
  • I went into the diagnostics: tuning to CNN 544 gives a signal strength -2, S/N 37.9, HDD temperature 73 degrees C.

What can be the cause? I'm interested in a solution, but hopefully some explanation as well. I like understanding how my devices work. Thanks.


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Re: 4K Nextbox (CAV10455HD): user interface becomes unresponsive


Hello, @Blaq


Thank you for posting your concern in our community.


I can understand how frustrating it is to experience this type of freezing when trying to use your 4K Nextbox. It is a bit strange that this is happening, it's not an issue we've heard much about before.


That specific type of box was manufactured over 5 years ago and could be experiencing a software issue. A factory reset may help remedy this issue but it will erase all of your settings and your recordings along with scheduled recordings.


If issues persist after the factory reset then we'd recommend an equipment swap.


I hope this helps!



Re: 4K Nextbox (CAV10455HD): user interface becomes unresponsive

You suggest a factory reset, without any explanation. So, how do you do a factory reset?

Re: 4K Nextbox (CAV10455HD): user interface becomes unresponsive

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Go to Settings, scroll up one to Troubleshooting, select Restore Factory Settings.  Factory reset will delete all your recordings, favourites, etc.


But before that try a simple reboot instead.    Also make sure the batteries in your remote are good.

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