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Rogers’ Burial Process

Rogers’ Burial Process is initiated when a customer is experiencing degraded signal from their existing cable feed to their property. After exhausting all troubleshooting steps to correct or improve the signal, and only as a last resort, the field te...

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Report an Issue with Outdoor Rogers Equipment

Hello Community. Our technicians are always looking to spot and repair damaged equipment. If you do notice an issue or damage to Rogers-owned equipment outside of your home, you can always report it. Find out how to identify and report damaged equipm...

Unable to subscribe to new channels using NextBox 4K UHD PVR

There was a time when it was possible to add new channels using NextBox 4K UHD PVR; by navigating to Settings - Apps - Get MORE TV. For approximately the past two years, we are presented with the following message when attempting to subscribe to new ...

Resolved! Nextbox 4K PVR and Champion Plus URC2125 Remote

My Champion Plus URC2125 is different than the one that describes on the remote manual. The INFO button is marked as BACK, and the FAV button is marked as INFO. I wonder how can I get the favourite channel listing? **Labels Added**

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How do I record on a specific time slot with my 4K PVR?

Hi, I am new to 4K PVR. I have some questions about it. In the record settings, there is "New Episodes" and "All Episodes". What is the different? There is "This day of the week" and "Any day of the week", what is the different? I would like record o...

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4K Nextbox (CAV10455HD): user interface becomes unresponsive

Sometimes, our 4K NextBox (CAV10455HD) becomes unresponsive to any UI command: remote buttons don't register (we tried both remotes); even the front-panel power button doesn't register. Meanwhile, the box continues to play live TV or a recording; it ...

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No sound, tinted picture on new LG OLED65XCPUA with CAV10242HD

Hi Everyone, I am stumped by this, so hopefully someone in the community can help me. I just bought a brand new LG OLED65XCPUA. Everything seems fine with the TV itself. However, when I use it with my 4K Nextbox CAV10242HD, the colour for the entire ...

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