Smart Home Monitoring - Camera Continuous Recording

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Re: Smart Home Monitoring - Camera Continuous Recording

I have it for over a year and it is never fixed. The console decides when to start and stop recording. I am waiting to see my contract through and change to another security company.
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Re: Smart Home Monitoring - Camera Continuous Recording

Just about any of the 'security' companies that provide systems like rogers one (the core sensors, home automation, etc) while they do have cameras, are more designed for small clips,  or for more like monitoring.  They are not really designed for full DVR style recording.

Taking a look at the other major ones (which by chance now are both owned by BELL and Telus..).
Telus appears to use the same hardware as bell (at least the touchpad), but you cant see what hardware they use.
Bell has cameras.. but by default they are the same like rogers it seems.  If you want much longer recordings, they do have a unit which will store more continual recordings.  But it does cost $375.

For other longer 24/7 recordings, you need to look at some of the other options.
There are ones like the ones which businesses use.  Usually more wired (but there are some wireless ones).  But have much longer recording periods.  
Then  you go to your Nest, etc style ones.  Which will do 24/7, but its all cloud based, and you have to pay a subscriptions service for.

While I do have rogers cameras myself, they are set for triggered recordings.  (take a video when door is unlocked, etc)  I got a ARLO set for recording otherwise.  the ARLO offers 7 day full recordings on their dvr unit.  You can back up further with a USB plugged into the unit (just cant cloud access).

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Re: Smart Home Monitoring - Camera Continuous Recording

Sd card Formatting,

Not sure if anyone can help me. When I put the microSD card into the Touchpad it formats, when I take the microSd card out put it in the adapter and put in my computer my computer immediately says it needs formatting and deletes everything. This happens constantly, haven't been able to get any video whatsoever

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Re: Smart Home Monitoring - Camera Continuous Recording

Hello, @brads02


I know how important it is to be able to view the 24/7 recordings from your Smart Home Monitoring system so I definitely want to help you and ensure this stops happening.


This functionality is actually by design. For your privacy, the Touchscreen encrypts the video file on the SD card. Only the Touchscreen can de-encrypt the video file so it can be viewed on other devices. This is done by inserting a USB drive into the Touchscreen, navigate to the view recordings screen on the Touchscreen, on the top left corner of the screen there should be a watermarked labeled Save to USB. You will have to enter the Master Code to download the de-encrypted video file to your USB drive which can then be viewed on any device.


If the Touchscreen did not encrypt the video file then anyone who has access to your home can simply pop out the SD card and now have up-to a week worth of recordings from you home.


Let the Community know if you have any issues downloading the video files to your USB drive.