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Scam e-mail

I've Been Around
Recieved an email today with the following message:
Dear Valued User,

Your Rogers email version is out-of-date, You will need to make some quick update so you can continue to access your via preferred email application. This is to make sure you are consistent with your emails.

Failure to Upgrade to the newest version update now will result in a permanent account closure.

Please click and follow the link below to upgrade and accept our new terms and conditions.


         (possible malicious link removed by moderator)


Rogers Support Team

 ***Edited Labels***

Please do not reply to this message. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered


Re: Scam e-mail


Hello, @Henryh.

Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😃

I appreciate your alertness and thank you for posting the phishing email you received in the Community. It helps in raising awareness of such scams. 

Community:For suspicious emails that appear to be sent from Rogers; please take a screenshot of the email and send it to You can learn more about how to identify an email that is not from Rogers in this knowledgebase article

Let's remain vigilant!



Re: Scam e-mail

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I received the following Phishing e-mail today.  I did not click on any links.  The amount was not correct and the timing of the notice was off by a few days compared with my usual bill notice.  This one certainly looks more legit than some others I've seen, but the format is quite different from my usual bill notice.  I'm on auto-withdrawal, so there should never be any "past due" amounts.  The sender e-mail address was not the usual Rogers e-mail address.  The image below may take a short while to be approved by the mods.  Since it's a screenshot the links shouldn't be active.  I have forwarded to


Rogers PhishingRogers Phishing

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