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Pay as you go - improper data charges

I plan to stick around

Highly recommend to all PAY AS YOU GO customers to check data usage via online statement.  Rogers IT currently working on issue where data charges begin before 250MB limit reached.  Issue occurred twice in last 6 months for me- credit received for improper charges after calling Pay as you go support  (1-800-575-9090 and speaking with rep). Issue reported to Rogers Ombudsman.



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Re: Pay as you go - improper data charges

I plan to stick around

Given that Rogers has never come back to acknowledge that the problem has been resolved, I have to go on the assumption that the problem is still there.



Re: Pay as you go - improper data charges

Good evening @ekrjo3jo3f,


Thanks for joining the Rogers Community! We appreciate your contribution.


Having access to a data plan on your cellphone is definitely key nowadays. We haven't had reports of data overages being incorrectly billed lately.


Find more information on our current data plans and add-ons at


For further assistance, feel free to contact our Prepaid department, to address any concerns you may have.
1. Dial: 1-800-575-9090 
2. Wait for language selection to finish
3. Press option 4 for “General information”
4. Press option 4 to “Contact Rogers”
5. Press option 1 to reach a live representative quickly

Their hours of operation are as follows: 
Monday – Friday: 8am – 12am
Saturday: 8am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm


Hey @mjm2!

If I understood correctly, your account was in the hands of the Office of the President. 

Did they not provide you with the confirmation that this was resolved?



Re: Pay as you go - improper data charges

I plan to stick around

No I have not received a satisfactory response to this issue.  


The problems has not occurred to me in a while since I essentially avoid using any data on my phone (so that I don't have to deal with customer support and report this issue yet again) - but this does not mean that the problem has disappeared.


In 2017, the Ombudsman office sent me a confidentiality agreement for me to sign.  It was clear that Rogers did not want the outcome of this investigation to be shared with the public.  I refused to sign.


In 2018, the Office of the President indicated that they're continuing to improve the services for the Pay as you go program and continue to inform their customers to review their statements (which is not true).  I have never seen such a reminder.  Also, the limited number of entries shown at any one time on our statement would make it difficult to any customer to notice that they have been overcharged - unless they print their statement on a regular basis and manually add their data usage over a one month period.   In that correspondence, there was no mention that there was a problem or that a problem had been resolved (even though the tech support had confirmed to me that there was indeed a problem).  Until I hear from Rogers that the problem has been resolved, I will continue to be of the opinion that the problem still exists.  Having said that, should rogers ever acknowledge that a problem has been corrected, that would lead to the question of what has been the impact to your customers over the years and what is their plan to compensate.  In the three years, I've been on Pay as you go, Rogers has reimbursed me more than $250 in overcharges and complimentary services - hard to believe Rogers would pay such an amount if they didn't think there was a problem.


Re: Pay as you go - improper data charges

I'm a trusted contributor

@ekrjo3jo3f wrote:

Hey guys, Is this still an on-going problem? I'm looking to add data to my plan but not if Rogers is still improperly charging overage fees 

I don't know if it is still going on ... certainly not a surprise if it is . The fact that @mjm2  is on a MONTHLY  pay go plan and  Rogers won't record the transactions of that plan for a complete one month period says it all for me  . It does seem to be random though so might be worth giving it a try , watch it closely and if  there is a problem get it resolved and then I'd be looking for a different provider  .  Why should you have to compromise your services  because the current service provider  seems to not be able to fix certain glitches? 

It doesn't matter who you deal with ,you should monitor that they are treating you the  way you understand the parameters of the plan to be .  

Re: Pay as you go - improper data charges

I've been around

This happened to me the last 2 months. When I talk to the agent, they tell me the data charges they are seeing is different then mine (under transaction history).


When I physically count how much I used according to what shows in MyRogers I am at 67.3mb. The agent is saying I am over 500mb. When asked if she could send me what she is looking at , she tells me she needs to charge me $3.95 to send me what she is looking at. So I have to pay you an additional fee to make sure that I am not being overcharged?


I then ask her how does one keep track of their data usage if My Rogers doesn't update correctly and she said I can always call in to ask. Again, if I can't see the transactions how do I trust I am not being overcharged. I asked her why is there such a difference between MyRogers and what she is looking at and she tells me I don't know and that I have to contact support. But when I contact support, I am told they can't help because it is Pay as you go.


This over data charge issue is a known issue for over 2 years now, why is this still happening and why is it the customers responsibility to make sure they are not being overcharged? Ridiculous.



Re: Pay as you go - improper data charges

I plan to stick around

I just ascertained that this issue still, even after having reported it to Rogers 3 years ago.   I wonder how many unsuspecting Pay as you Go customers have not reviewed their data usage and are unknowingly paying excess data charges?     


(Keep it Legal) It would seem that Rogers is quite happy leaving the situation as is as they now would have 3 years to have corrected the problem.   


Shameful !

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