Pay as You Go online annual renewal using a credit card

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Pay as You Go online annual renewal using a credit card

The Pay as You Go website allows you to enter a credit card to setup an automatic annual renewal. However, this does NOT activate the feature. You still have to call someone to have them ACTIVATE your auto renewal on the card you've already entered. You find this out when your SIM card stops working on the expiry date and your credit card on file is NOT charged for the annual renewal. This is a horrible website design with no feedback at all that you cannot activate the annual renewal feature while online.



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Re: Pay as You Go online annual renewal using a credit card

Hello @B_E_T,


Thanks for joining us in the Rogers Community Forums and congrats on your first post!! 😊


I can certainly see how it would be inconvenient to find out that you cannot complete the full renewal of your Pay As You Go service on the website. Having a "one-stop-shop" option available via self-serve online would definitely be the ideal situation. 


I'm not sure if you were able to voice your concern when you phoned in, but another way to provide feedback would be to send a message via our Share a Concern page. You will also be provided the opportunity to request a response via email or phone call.


I really hope this helps!



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