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Almost Non-existing Support for Pay as You Go Customers

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Last two weeks were nothing but frustration for me just to learn that the Rogers support for pre-paid plan customers is close to non-existing. I cannot setup the online access to my account. All Rogers stores in Vancouver do not deal with pre-paid plans. Live chat doesn't want to deal with them either. Four times I reached agents over the phone. Spent few hours talking to them. They are very friendly but absolutely useless. Is there a sure  way to get an expert help with pre-paid accounts? Thanks



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Re: Almost Non-existing Support for Pay as You Go Customers

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Here's a link for the only proper way to deal with PAYGo.  There is no other.


I have always found these people to be most helpful. Other people (chat, etc) cannot help because they don't deal with PAYGo.

Re: Almost Non-existing Support for Pay as You Go Customers

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@vavit's been years since I've dealt with anyone at my Rogers store concerning my PayGo plan, including using $100 from my accumulated balance to renew. Since then I've followed the steps linked by @57  to renew when I needed anything, including getting credit for spam texts and the agents have been very helpful. Otherwise, when my balance is low, I've just renewed on line for a year. I have a grandfathered Talk Anytime plan, so it's quite simple, but I see there are now a large number of different hybrid prepaid plans which seem to change from year to year and I can see store employees not being familiar with them because that's not what they deal with every day.

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