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Text messages sending and receiving delay

I've Been Here Awhile
This has been going on for a long time for us. Is it normal for it to take several minutes for a message to send? In my household two of us are texting on Rogers and two others on another carrier. The two on Rogers appear to usually be sending and receiving on maybe a four or five minute loop. Messages sit as sending on the Rogers phones for a few minutes and don't arrive on the Rogers phones for up to a few minutes after they are sent by any phone. The two other phones that are not using Rogers consistently have very little latency between themselves, but the Rogers phones have latency issues when texting with them. The issue is consistent on Rogers with both a Pixel and two OnePlus phones tested in our home. My wife and I experience the same behavior at home and away from the home on the Rogers network.

Re: Text messages sending and receiving delay


Good evening @Mf66,


I know a 4-5 minute delay is pretty significant. How long has this been happening for? Is the delay specific to certain numbers? How is the cell service in and around your location? Do you typically get 5 bars? How is the call quality?


I would recommend you to try and reset the Network settings. Just as an FYI, if you do reset the Network Settings you'll have to save your Wi-Fi info all over again.


Please keep us posted. 




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