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Rogers Outage

I've been around

I have been a customer for years with Rogers. But it seems as though the same problems keep coming back monthly if not weekly these days. I get the same comments from tech support, the same "solutions" (which is to always wait), and know that everything is up and running before I get notified via text or email. Is this what it's like staying in a horrible abusive relationship? Is it time to sever my ties with Rogers and move on? It's funny that I'm posting this on a Roger's sight and not some impartial board. Perhaps I'm just ready to go and here to say goodbye.


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Re: Rogers Outage

I've been here awhile

I have been having the most annoying problems with Rogers, I cant send picture messages since Thursday or Friday. Its annoying as we pay top dollars for this service

Re: Rogers Outage

This is the same problem that I have. You likely will find that any group chat the includes an Android, your messages will also not be received. It is an anti-spam software that I have been having issues with for the last 6 months. I have a couple of group chats that we share pictures and links and it triggers Rogers anti-spam. I was told they have no fix... I should use WhatsApp instead. Unacceptable.

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