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Rogers Outage

I have been a customer for years with Rogers. But it seems as though the same problems keep coming back monthly if not weekly these days. I get the same comments from tech support, the same "solutions" (which is to always wait), and know that everyth...

CorRay by I've been around
  • 2 replies

Milton Cell Service Down

Cell service in Milton has been dropping calls since yesterday. Multiple users experiencing same issue. Signal bouncing from SOS to 3G to LTE. Calls failing. What’s going on?   **Labels Added**    

kidcoolie by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Interrupted Service

Network coverage in Brampton is atrocious. Every other day the internet drops … and the response from Rogers technical team is alarmingly slow       ***Edited Labels***

V3varun by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Data Coverage Issues - Parry Sound, ON

We've accessed data on Rogers devices about 30 mins from Parry Sound for years.    It wasn't exactly "city strength", but worked fine, and was even sufficient for rare video chats for work.   On the July long weekend, data stopped working.    I reset...

robtoe by I'm a reliable contributor
  • 19 replies

EXT coverage block

We have been blocked from extended coverage since we moved out of Rogers cell tower range. After some digging, we found that the policy states we will be given 24 hours notice. We live many hours away from the nearest service counter to switch carrie...

Resolved! No cell signal in Angus Ontario?

Since about 1pm today, I am getting no signal on my Key2 whatsoever. Wifi works fine, and no error messages for SIM card etc. Just 'No Service' message. Almost as if the cell site(s) here are not broadcasting at all. No LTE, 4G, no SMS, no voice, no ...

P.E.I. Cellular Network Down

Rogers Network has been out in P.E.I. all day due to Hurricane Fiona cant text call or use data, I am only able to roam on Bell, And I get this text from Rogers stating Im eligible for 50Gb more data to stay connected LOL, cant even connect to your n...

Wireless Network Down

Hi RogersAgain you leave me with no data and voice service!!! I am posting this from my neighbour’s Eastlink Mobility phone that did not lose service throughout the hurricane.My contract is over November 3rd I think joint the smaller provider will be...

Terrible phone service has gotten worse since the outage

We have had periodic outages with our phones since switching to rogers in February. It has gotten more and more frequent, especially since the outage. We must restart our phone every 30 minutes or more to get service. I wanted to out of the contract ...

ChelseaC by I've been around
  • 6 replies

No data, stay away from Rogers

I have 4 phones with Rogers. Been with them over 25 years. They used to be good. Now I have 2 bars AT MOST (sometimes only 1) and only have data like 5% of the time. This is with all our phones (which are new). Not just my town, people in other close...

Voss9999 by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

Friday’s outage

I’m having a similar issue. Once service was ‘restored’ my Ignite TV keeps freezing and/or audio drops. Happening every few minutes so basically makes tv unwatchable.  Was on hold with chat support for over an hour and then it just ended. What a joke...

sgandhi by I've been here awhile
  • 20 replies

Winnipeg and Area dropped calls and slow data.

Service might have been restored, But I have been seeing a lot of dropped calls and slow network service. Called my phone from a land line and got a busy signal. My cell number is for business and this hurts not knowing whos calls I am missing.     *...

Glebe, Ottawa internet still down

The service is sti not restored. Do you have any update yet. Still no answer for. Phone lines nor social media. Please stop sharing misinformation about the "vast majority" being restored. When is not.

ErickM by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies