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5G - Montreal Quebec

I Plan to Stick Around


Not sure if people are having the same issue, but I often find my LTE+ speeds are 4 times faster than when I am on the 5G network. I often get 120-150 mb/s download LTE+, and 30-50 Mbps download 5G with a full signal. Uploads LTE+ 10-15 MBs/s and 5G 5-10 mb/s. Appears to be something very wrong with the 5G network in Montreal (This is with an almost full signal showing on my phone).



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Re: 5G - Montreal Quebec

I'm Here A Lot

The same is true here in Brandon Manitoba.


after looking through the technical details available in my Samsung Galaxy S20 5G FE, it have learned that the "5G" network here uses a 5 MHz wide channel of the N66 band, which severely limits the capacity, depending on some of the technical details i'm unable to figure out, ends up being around 54 megabits unless they have beam forming antennas then maybe double that with these settings. 


The network is operating in "non-Standalone" mode, so LTE anchor connection is necessary to control the handset while the 5g signal provides the data payload.  Out here, I've noticed that the anchor is always on Band 5, which is our coverage-mode band that would also probably be pretty heavily loaded, and might complicate getting and keeping a connection open on a 5G handset.


So, basically the 5G deployment in our cities has been the bare minimum in order to "turn on the 5g indicator of users phones" and not an ounce more.  The speed and latency is far worse than what is already available on the older network, but that won't stop them from saying how many "Canadians enjoy the most 5G coverage!"


The 5G network will be fully functioning at respectable speeds... the week before the launch of 6G probably.  We will suffer very slow progress all along the way, just as history repeats itself time and again.  And that's just in city limits, Rural will receive further reductions in coverage area as the older technologies continue to be sunsetted, and otherwise fully functional towers further abandoned to rot in farmers' fields.

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