Need a transactions copy

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Need a transactions copy

My email program has not work properly, lost my copy of my transactions on January 31, 2019, could you resend a memo of the new programs I acquired on that date



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Re: Need a transactions copy

Good evening @Sorgel,


Thank you for joining the Rogers Community and posting your inquiry!

I understand your desire to keep track of your transactions history.


To provide you with the help you need, I'll need more information from you:

  • Do you need the usage details or confirmation of account changes?
  • What kind of services do you currently have with us?
  • Is it for a promotion on an existing account or a new activation?

I saw that you posted in the MyRogers board. Ideally, we'll try to guide you to the area where you can find the information you need, on your online profile.


Let us know!



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Re: Need a transactions copy

if your email client / program is not working, you also have a secondary way of checking your email by logging into the rogers web mail.  Sorry I do not have the URL because I am not a customer of Rogers Internet at the moment but when I was there was a web site to login to check your email when your email client was broken or down and it works, as long as u used imap or keep the messages on the server.

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Re: Need a transactions copy

Yes, if your e-mails are still on the Rogers/Yahoo server, here's the link you need to access those e-mails from any browser: