Ignite TV App on Android Box

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Ignite TV App on Android Box

I am getting " This video stream is not playable on the current device"


I am getting this message on 3 different android boxes, these boxes I am able to watch netflix, amazon prime and utube.


This is included on live tv and recorded programs, the box is connected via hdmi


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Re: Ignite TV App on Android Box

Hello, @ve3tej


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


I can totally understand you wanting to use the Ignite TV App on your Android boxes. Unfortunately, these devices are not supported by the Ignite TV App. You can see a list of supported devices by Clicking Here.


Do you have any issues when trying to access the App via your Smartphones/Tablets or your Computer via the Web browser?




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Re: Ignite TV App on Android Box

Ignite TV App on Android TV devices?


Hey Rogers, what's up with not allowing Ignite TV to run on Android TV devices?
Alternatively, why can I not cast to Android TV devices?
It is pretty disappointing to read that you unnecessarily lockout millions of devices.

Is it from lack of competition/drive in the space?
Bell allows it just fine. With Bell(and others) I can:

  • Use their Fibe(or other) TV app directly on my Chromecast and nVidia Shield; or,
  • Cast from my iOS devices directly to the Chromecast/nVidia Shield

Is it to protect the sales/subscriptions of Rogers Ignite TV boxes? 

If so, you read it here first, it's backfiring.
I am cancelling my Rogers Ignite TV package ($60/m) to go with Netflix and PrimeTV (with addon network TV channels), for less $.

I'm not just posting a salty comment for the sake of it. 
If you update your app to work with Android TV, I will be back.

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Re: Ignite TV App on Android Box

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Re: Ignite TV App on Android Box

Usually when a TV company comes out with an App to watch TV on your phone, they do it in STAGES.    Stage A is something like you can watch TV on your smart phone,  Stage B is they open up and allow you to watch it on a Tablet, and Stage 3, you can watch it on some Android TV devices (Android TV is different th Android Box), stage 4, is you can watch on more supported Android TV devices,  Stage 5 is chrome-cast support,  Stage 6 is well you get the drift.


When They just launched Ignite TV like what a year ago and came out with the App a year ago, its probably stage 1 or 2,  to expect it to be Stage 7 is not realistic,  give them time to develop and expand the app, as Ignite is a relatively new product, you cant and should not compare it with Bell's Fibe TV or Cogeco or Shaw or Telus as they have had their products much longer and have had time to expand it. give rogers a chance, be patient