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The Rogers MyWiFi app enables Rogers Internet customers to easily manage and optimize their home WiFi. Customers can control their home WiFi from a smartphone; from setting bedtime WiFi schedules, to sharing WiFi passwords and troubleshooting in a few simple taps. Customers can download the free app from the App Store and the Google Play store. For now, the app is only compatible with our Gigabit WiFi modems (Hitron CODA-4582/U). To access app features, your device must be connected to your Rogers Home WiFi.


  1. Download the free app to your iPhone or Android smartphone from the App Store or Google Play store.


  1. Sign in using cusadmin as the default username and entering the word “password” (or your current WiFi password) as the password.


  • If the keep me logged in toggle is selected during login, the app will stay logged-in until the customer logs out or restarts the gateway or the phone. In these scenarios, the app would be logged out, but the password would still be auto-filled in the login screen. The same behavior applies in case of app upgrade, app re-install and modem firmware upgrade.
  • If the keep me logged in option is not selected during login, the customer needs to enter the password to login for every new session.
  • If the modem is factory reset, then all the app settings and configurations will be lost permanently including the app login credentials.
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