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XB6 - Protected Browsing on Ignite

I've been here awhile

The Rogers Ignite modem has some strange behaviour with protected browsing in certain situations.  Posting here in case it helps other.


State #1

Everything working fine, protected browsing on (set via Ignite Wifi webpage/app)


State #2

Factory reset modem, setup SSID via captive portal (

Everything working fine, protected browsing on (haven't touched this since reset).


State #3

Login to router to change admin password.

The moment I change the admin password, DNS fails to resolve on all LAN devices.  Ping to IPs work.


State #4

Disable protected browsing on Ignite WiFi app and DNS works again.


State #5

Disable the modems 5G/2.4G WiFi radios and DNS fails on Ethernet LAN.


State #6

Enable/Disable protected browsing and connectivity restored.


Seems like there's some sync issue with the protected browsing option on the website and the DNS redirects on the router.  As well there may be something wrong with the code as it may be intercepting the DNS and not redirecting it properly.



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Re: XB6 - Protected Browsing on Ignite


Hello, @Edirol


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thanks so much for posting your detailed findings regarding the issues you having been facing with protected browsing. 


We have not been advised of any known issues with this functionality, as of yet. We recommend using the Ignite WiFi Hub app/web interface to make any changes to your modem settings. Much of the functionality that was once available on the XB6 admin page is only available via the Ignite WiFi Hub.


If any other users in the community have experienced similar issues feel free to chime in.



Re: XB6 - Protected Browsing on Ignite

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Edirol  The Ignite Parental Controls and Protected Browsing work by intercepting DNS, and intentionally failing to resolve blocked sites.


As for all of your DNS lookups suddenly failing, do you have your computer configured to use 3rd-party DNS services, such as Quad9, Cloudflare, Google, OpenDNS, etc.?


In order to prevent users from bypassing parental/malicious site blocks, the XB6 will also block attempts to use other DNS services... so, enabling parental controls and protected browsing will also prevent you from accessing 3rd-party DNS services.

Re: XB6 - Protected Browsing on Ignite

I've been here awhile

The DNS lookups failed until I enabled and then disabled the protected browsing option, so even though it was off it failed to resolve initially.  I've since switched to bridged mode, so I can't test this further.



- Edirol

Re: XB6 - Protected Browsing on Ignite

I've been here awhile

With protected Browsing "ON", Amazon Prime Video does "NOT" work. As soon as I turn OFF Protected Browsing, Amazon Prime Video works.


Also, which company/service Protected Browsing uses? CIRA Canadian Shield or something else?

Re: XB6 - Protected Browsing on Ignite

I've been here awhile

How were you able to disable protected browsing?


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