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Upload speeds are drastically slower than what I am paying for

I'm here a lot
I'm located in Ontario, Ottawa. I've been experiencing an issue that has been ongoing since nearly a month ago where my upload speeds are atrociously slow. I pay for 500 download and 30 upload and I am getting 5-10 upload sometimes even 3, the download speeds are completely fine. This used to only lag during 9pm to 10pm but after 3 separate technician visits, a modem change and some wiring done by them, this lag is now happening throughout the ENTIRE day. The technician that came today left without saying a word and didn't even provide me with any update on what happened or needs to be done. Tech support set up another appointment again for Wednesday and a senior technician is coming but I need to wait another 3 days. Anyone know what I should be conveying to get this issue resolved? Internet has been fine for many months and then this issue all of a sudden for seemingly no reasons appears. I'd be lying if I said I am not completely frustrated with the service I'm receiving.

Tl;dr - upload speeds are much less than advertised, 3 technician visits resulted in even worse speeds, any idea on what needs to be said to get this fixed?

Re: Upload speeds are drastically slower than what I am paying for

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Resident Expert

Whereabouts in Ottawa are you located?


What modem are you currently using?  Here's Rogers modem lineup:


Do you have overhead or underground cabling in your neighbourhood?


The fact that a Senior tech (real Rogers tech) is scheduled to visit indicates that the contract techs can't solve the problem, either because they simply can't determine what the problem is, or, that they know what the problem is but can't touch the equipment in question as they're not allowed to.  So, a Senior tech is called in to deal with the problem.  Hopefully he or she can resolve the issue.  If not, then a maintenance crew will probably be called in.  


If you have overhead cabling, there's a chance that the contract techs can't replace the cable as they might not be permitted to climb utility poles, or do any utility pole work.  That requires a Senior tech or a Maintenance crew with a bucket truck.  


If this is simply a cable failure, that's typical for the last 100 feet or so, from the local tap, which is located on the nearest utility pole or nearest green pedestal, somewhere near the front of your yard.  The external cables don't last forever, and they might gradually fail, which is a pain to deal with, or they will hang on to the end, and then really fail.  That's actually easier to deal with, as once the cable is in a failed state, its easier to detect.  If it arrives from a utility pole, then the contract tech might not be able to do anything about it.  So, you end up going thru the cycle or two or three contract techs until a Rogers tech is finally called in.  

Re: Upload speeds are drastically slower than what I am paying for

Near bank/walkley and im using the ignite wifi gen 2 provided by Roger's. I'm not sure how to tell what cabling I have but the contract technician connected a cable from the green box outside to a panel in my backyard and that didn't resolve the issue. There is now a long black cable in my front lawn going into my backyard. Thank you for your further context, it instills more confidence but am still disappointed that the contract techs couldn't communicate this with me.

Re: Upload speeds are drastically slower than what I am paying for

I'm here a lot

A senior technician came and wasn't able to figure out the issue, tried replacing the coax cable from my basement to see if it was an issue with the cabling and there was no improvement at all. They have raised this to their team manager now who is investigating and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

This issue has been ongoing for a month now, and after 3 visits from contract technicians and 1 from a senior technician, have yielded no improvements at all. If anything, it has gotten worse over time. The issue used to always happen around 9pm to 11pm EST but now happens throughout random hours of the day. I have performed so many speedtests via ookla as proof as well. 

Speedtest for 06/04/2023 10:59 PM 
Speedtest for 06/08/2023 11:21 PM 
Speedtest for 06/09/2023 10:04 PM 
Speedtest for 06/12/2023 8:02 PM 
Speedtest for 06/12/2023 9:12 PM 

I have plenty more but you know the idea. Is there any suggestion on what the problem may be? Why is it so hard for Rogers to identify the problem after 3 contractor technician visits and 1 senior technician visit? They keep telling me that they aren't noticing any issue with the connection on their end. How can that be if I'm receiving 3-5 upload at times when I'm paying for 500 down and 30 up? Does ANYONE have any ideas on what needs to be done here or what I need to do to get this escalated and looked into asap? It doesn't make sense that this issue starts happening for the past month for no reason. I have ensured there is nothing happening on my devices that would affect upload speeds either.

It is very important to have fast and more importantly, stable, upload speeds in my household as we need it to stream without any issues. Streaming at 5000-8000 kbps bitrate is IMPOSSIBLE for more than a few hours before this issue starts occurring. Additionally, when the upload speeds are slow, we are also experiencing ping/latency issues in-game, with ping spiking from 100ms to 400-500ms Honestly, it feels like we're being throttled at this point.

Re: Upload speeds are drastically slower than what I am paying for

I plan to stick around

Hey, just following up on this. I seem to be on the same boat and rogers can't determine what's going on (also in Ontario). Did you ever get it solved? My issue is only with the upload speeds. Download is great as well as ping but getting very low upload

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