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Transfer Email Contacts

I've been here awhile

How do I transfer my csv email contact list from my computer document file to my yahoo email account



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Re: Transfer Email Contacts

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Quick question.. is this for 100% working in the rogers yahoo webmail program?

Or will you be using another program (outlook, email on iOS, android, etc) to be the primary means of dealing with this email?

It looks like in the webmail, there is an import, but its import from ANOTHER mail service.. no from file (though it can EXPORT to csv).
Other programs, may have their own way to import if using that device

Re: Importing Email Contacts from CSV file

So is there a solution to this issue of importing CSV file into Yahoo! mail?  

Re: Importing Email Contacts from CSV file

Not that I could find.. 😞
(though this is a yahoo issue. more than a rogers issue)

If your using a 3rd party email program can import them there.
Or if you are moving from another email, you SHOULD be able to import them from there is seems.

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