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Slow Internet Home Conexion - Issues loading web sites

I've been around

Hello, I would like to know how I can solve this problem:

-My internet connection never exceeds 500 MB although I pay for 1Gb.

When I try to access some websites it stays in a loading state, sometimes it can take minutes to load a simple page like Amazon, CIBC, etc.

-Playback of YouTube type videos is fine, decent speed.

-A technician from Rogers came to check, he gave me a speech about the Wi-Fi connection and I don't know what he's talking about, I wonder if I pay for an internet plan that claims to be specialized in high speeds for Wi-Fi connections and I have the latest generation devices like my laptop or iphone 15 pro max, because this happens /

Is there any way I can check this internally in the router? , I'm already tired of requesting support from rogers and them not really solving this.

Thank you/




Re: Slow Internet Home Conexion - Issues loading web sites


Hello, @javiermanrique2.


Thank you for joining our Community and sharing your concern about WiFi speed. Achieving the full 1 Gbps speed over WiFi can be challenging due to various factors. Various factors can affect WiFi speeds, including interference, distance from the router, and the number of connected devices.


The Internet connection/speed can be tested on your Ignite HomeConnect app running version 5.19. From the WiFi tab at the bottom, you can tap on Troubleshoot to test your home network. The tool will test the gateway speed and test all your WiFi-connected devices.


You need 25 Mbps to stream a 4K video. It should not take minutes to load the web pages like Amazon, CIBC, etc. You can try a different browser or clear your browser's cookies/cache to see if it improves the website loading time.


Let us know if you have further questions.



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