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Run Ethernet Cable to Another Room

I've been around

My own Ethernet cable that i want the rogers employee to have against the wall


So lets say we have the modem in the living room and i have my own Ethernet cord for my computer in my room in the basement or upstairs room.


Can the guy who is installing the internet clip my Ethernet cord to the wall from my room all the way to the living room into the modem?


I want to know this before i move soon.


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Re: Run Ethernet Cable to Another Room

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Retired Moderator

Hey @fluffymush!


Welcome to the community!


To clarify, you're looking for the tech to run an Ethernet cable from one room to another? Though our technicians can do this for a coaxial, cable should you require it, to move your modem, to my knowledge doing so for an Ethernet cable would be not be standard practice. If the technician has time they may be able to do so but it's not something we can guarantee. 


Alternatively though you can always take the options to have the modem relocated if needed or look into Rogers Wall-to-Wall WiFi Network. It uses multiple WiFi points working together to provide powerful and reliable whole-home coverage. Eero's TrueMesh technology automatically finds the best pathway to connect each and every one of your devices to the internet. 


You can read more about it here :). 



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