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Packet loss when Games/Working from home

I've Been Around

At this point I'm unsure how too approach this problem.


The family has been through 3 tech's at this point, multiple times saying it's not an issue on their end. We've been told over the phone that they don't see any packet loss what so ever, however I continue to disconnect in games and at times during work, have video conferences die for seconds before coming back up.


Enough is absolutely enough. For over 20 years we've been with rogers through many different packages and for the most part it's all been great. However I'm tired of this poor customer service we continue to receive when I've said multiple times that if it's not a problem with a brand new Moden/Router then it MUST be a problem with the outside connector that hasn't been replaced for the same amount of time we've been living here.


What else do we have to do? 




Re: Packet loss when Games/Working from home

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Resident Expert

@Bloodham251 when you have time, can you have a read thru the following ongoing thread, which appears to be similar to your situation:


Here's a few questions for you:


1.  Are you in a house, condo, highrise, etc, etc.  

2.  If you're in a house, is your cabling underground or overhead?

3.  if you're in a house, do you have any idea of when the external cable was replaced?

4.  You've had three techs up to this point, typically the first two are contractors.  Was the third tech a contractor or real Rogers (Senior) tech?

5.  What modem do you currently have.  They can be seen on the following page:

6.  When you see disconnects, does that include both ethernet and wifi connected devices.  Wired disconnects would indicate a possible external cable/connector issue.  Underground cabling is easy to test, overhead, not so much.  An overhead cable fault would require a Senior (Real Rogers) tech, or a maintenance crew to swap the cable.  


Now that you've already seen three techs, the next time that you call in, request a Senior tech.  Fwiw, if I was seeing disconnects on a routine basis, I'd be calling every day, probably more than one time per day to register a complaint, and to ensure that the complaint is recorded on file.  That will build a poor serviceability record in short order, which should convince tech support that a problem is afoot.  If you happen to use Rogers Home Phone, the ideal circumstance would be to have a service drop out while your on the phone with tech support.  That would get the point across.  I'd start the conversation with "If this call drops out due to the internet service drops, call me back right away.  Don't be surprised if you lose this call."


Ok, so, a few questions and some reading to to.  Lets see where this goes.


Re: Packet loss when Games/Working from home

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Answer what data link said, but also try keeping a ping going to the rogers gateway. I did this when I had disconnect problems. Look up the rogers gateway in your modem config (99.x.x.x ). In Windows open a command prompt and run ping -t 99.x.x.x and let it go and watch for drops. To stop do Control c.

Re: Packet loss when Games/Working from home


Hey @Bloodham251!


In addition to answering the questions asked by @Datalink, please check out this post here for further details on how we're handling gaming issues right now: Experiencing Issues when Gaming or Streaming? READ THIS!


It seems like you meet the minimum criteria, so please PM us with the information requested on that post at your earliest convenience. 🙂




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