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POP3 email issues

I'm here a lot

Hi Everyone,


A friend of mine is having all kinds of issues with his POP3 email account. He consistently has issues with server timeouts, slow to login to receive emails, 30 sec - 1 min is normal. At times, he will randomly receive duplicate copies of the same email in his inbox, not be able to delete emails, or sent email receipts.


Are there known issues with POP3 accounts? Would switching to an IMAP account offer any benefit or resolve these issues? Are POP3 accounts still being supported?

I have another friend using the same software and OS (Windows Live Mail 2012 / Windows 10), using IMAP with no issues.




Re: POP3 email issues

By any (over a year later) would you know if the POP3 issues were ever resolved by Rogers?  I now am banging my head against the wall as I have 5 rogers email addresses to manage and I'm not happy.

Re: POP3 email issues

It's not resolved...


Don't bother trying to contact service since they read from a script.


I've given up...


Moved on to other eMail providers such as GMail, etc...

Re: POP3 email issues

Thanks so much for responding and helping me accept what I need to do, which is to stop using and migrate ALL my email accounts to, kind regards. 🙏🏾

Re: POP3 email issues

Guess what, I figured it out. Let me know if you need to know how. I've got the POP working again, all my emails are downloading again into my GMAIL...yeah!
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