No Internet during Power Outage

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No Internet during Power Outage


I have UPS for my router - white Hitron router. During the power outage, the green light blinking rapidly.  I called tech support, customer concern then routed back to tech support.  They said they can't do anything. The hub in my neighbourhood has no back up power.  Can someone tell me where to complain to get it fix (installed)?  Nowaday, everyone is working/learning from home, internet is extremely important. 




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Re: No Internet during Power Outage

You may complain all you like, however the battery backups in many nodes are either no longer in place or not working due to age. This has been discussed in many threads regarding Rogers Home Phone as well, which also now goes down in the event of a power failure (on Rogers and Bell, etc, ).  Service providers have decided that it's simply too expensive to replace back-up batteries on all their nodes.


Home Phone is no longer considered "essential" because most people have a cell phone for backup. Although it would be nice to have Internet available 100% of the time, it's not going to happen. Most people don't even bother with UPS since Home Phone, Internet and Cable TV (IPTV, etc) now "go down" in the event of a local power failure.


I do recommend UPS for desktop computers and for PVRs that do recordings locally. IgniteTV is in the cloud and is not affected by local power failures.