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Mail folder editing

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I am trying to organize my email folders and sub-folders, but Rogers Yahoo mail will not allow me to move, rename or delete the folders which I have created.  When I try to move or delete them, they re-appear seconds later in their original position.  My only workaround is to create a new folder in the desired location, then move all the emails over and then delete the original folder.  Or if I want to delete the entire folder, I have to delete the emails first, than delete the folder.  This is crazy!  And time consuming.  I was hoping to switch to using Outlook, as I was used to working with that at work for many years and hoped my purchase of a new laptop would help get rid of this problem.  But I run into the even worse problems than using the Rogers email, as I cannot delete any folders.  I find it hard to believe that I'm the only person suffering from this problem, but the Rogers tech support folks have been unable to solve this problem. 


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Re: Mail folder editing

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Resident Expert

@bshipleynav : I'm no expert at this, however, there appear to be two different types of folders in Webmail.


The first bunch at the top left starting with Inbox.... to Trash cannot be changed.


That is why when you create new folders, it's "down at the bottom" of the left column under "Folders". There you can add new folders, or by clicking the down arrow beside any folder there, rename or delete that folder, etc.

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