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Love my new Rocket Modem, but WHERES THE STAND?

I've been around

Hi Rogers....


I just recently upgraded to unlimited internet and the 75u package, making me vsit a store and upgrade and pickup a 'rocket modem'. All is well, but I see now that online and in many pics, that its actually to stand vertically..


And the pic of the roger site shows a BASE of some type...I never received this item.


I got:



box with ac cord

Ethernet cord


all shrinkwrapped in poly as one item at a rogers store




Where(and how) do I get one please?


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Re: Love my new Rocket Modem, but WHERES THE STAND?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Dont take this as anything official..

But on one of the tech visits as my house.. when i switched from the Rocket to one of the newer ones (needed for some of the higher packages).
Said that they were no longer including the base anymore.

I think mostly, even while shrinkwraped etc, that most people are not getting NEW modems, and are re-furbished ones.. ones that have been used by other users, go back, reset, tested, etc and sent back out.
And 90% of the people probably didnt return the stand.

Re: Love my new Rocket Modem, but WHERES THE STAND?


Hello @Camebeloc,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. I know how concerning it can be to get a new device only to worry that there may be some parts missing.


We have had several models of the modem you are using, the original models did come with a stand but the newer models (which has the same exterior appearance) do not come with the stands. The modem has a flat bottom and is designed to stand upright without a stand as long as the surface is flat.


It should not to placed on its side as this will not promote a strong WiFi signal throughout the home.


I hope this helps!



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