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Locked Out of the CODA Modem GUI Page

I plan to stick around

My internet went down early morning, again. This is the 2nd time it went down after a 3rd tech visit last month. After it came back up on its own after 1 HOUR down time, I can now no longer access the modem's webpage. fails to load, error "server took too long to respond". Tried on 4 different browsers.


I power cycled the CODA modem. Still unable to access it.


I pushed the pin button on the back of the modem to factory reset it. Held the pin button for 10 seconds according to manual. Modem rebooted but did NOT reset. WTH???? It retained the bridge mode it was in, and no wifi came back, no EasyConnect.


So I did it again, this time held the pin button for 30 seconds. Once again the modem did the whole reset flashing lights, rebooted, then once again retained EVERYTHING and stayed in bridge mode. No wifi, no EasyConnect. What????


This is the first time ever in all my years working with computer hardware I see a PHYSCIAL reset button not working.


So now I can't access the modem to check the signals. And I NEED to monitor the signals since your service likes to randomly go down even though I've had THREE tech visits on this issue already.


What do I do now?




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Re: Locked Out of the CODA Modem GUI Page

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@netprice2high its very odd that holding down the reset button for 30 seconds didn't work.  Can't explain that one.  If you still want to run a factory reset, call tech support and ask the tech rep to run the factory reset for you.

Re: Locked Out of the CODA Modem GUI Page

I plan to stick around

@Datalink Thanks. I think it's caused by a firmware update. The firmware somehow erased the factory default settings from the recovery partition so now the modem only loads last-saved values which are my own settings in bridge mode. At least this is the only logical explanation I can think of. But of course I have no way to verify it currently as I can't log into the modem to check if the firmware is different from my old v7.1.1.37...

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