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Internet Speeds Dropped Recently

I plan to stick around

I am not sure what happened, I was originally on the 1Gbps plan, which I was getting max speeds pretty much all the time. I got upgrade to 1.5Gbps and was getting 1.8Gbps as well, but I'd say for about a week and half now, my speeds are not reaching 1Gbps, sometimes getting less than 600Mbps. 


I have also been getting text messages about work being done in my neighborhood and to expect outages, but I never had any outages, but is this the reason for the lowered speeds?


I have tried rebooting the modem multiple times already, and all of last week, the IP I was getting on my PC was in Hamilton for some reason. 




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Re: Internet Speeds Dropped Recently


Hello, @thuynh01.


Thank you for being our Community member, and I appreciate you posting your concern.


It's good that you were getting speeds of 1.8Gbps, and now the speed not crossing 1Gbps is disappointing. This could happen for various reasons; let's try figuring it out. 

  • Have you recently upgraded the firmware on your network card?
  • What's the make and model of your network card?
  • Do you have the Jumbo packets enabled for your network card?
  • What OS are you running on our PC?
  • Are you using your own router?
  • How is the upload speed? Is it staying at the 50Mbps range?


Network enhancement work can cause brief interruptions during the daytime. Are you getting text messages of work being done at the same time you noticed the drop in speed? We can investigate the nature of the work being done and the completion date. 


We look forward to hearing from you.





Re: Internet Speeds Dropped Recently

I plan to stick around

Thank you for the post.  This exact thing has been happening to me since August 8th.  I was back to 1.9GB for a couple of days now back to 500 MB!  I have done all the things RogersMoin said, but it won't get fixed when Rogers won't admit it's their fault.

Re: Internet Speeds Dropped Recently

I plan to stick around

Hi RogersMoin,


My network card was last updated in April 2023, but speeds were fine since then.

I have a Realtek Gaming 2.5GbE Family controller network card

Jumbo Packets/Frames are currently disabled

Windows 11

I have the Rogers Modem/router in bridge mode > connected to my router, however my PC is connected to the Rogers WAN Port so that my PC can get more than 1Gbps, since my router only supports up to 1Gbps.

Upload speed has been fine and is usually in the 50Mbps range.


The last few days the speeds have gone back up but was never reaching the same speeds I was getting prior to the last two weeks, which was also prior to the text messages I was getting about work being done. I am still getting text messages about work being done. 

These are dates I got texts about:

September 1, 2023

September 8, 2023

September 13, 2023

September 18, 2023 - latest message


Would this work perhaps changed my IP Address location to Moncton for a few days and also Hamilton? I noticed when my IP Geolocation was for Moncton, my speeds were very low compared to what I was getting. When I got a Hamilton IP Address, it was a little better, but still nothing like what I was getting previously.

My IP Address currently appears to be Toronto, however I don't think the location is close to my actual location still.


Hope this helps.


Thank you

Re: Internet Speeds Dropped Recently

Good morning @thuynh01!


If we're still doing work in the area, then the performance of your Internet service may be impacted until we conclude the work and resolve all the issues in the area.


Should you still experience issues after we conclude the work, please let us know.




Re: Internet Speeds Dropped Recently

I plan to stick around

When are they going to work in my area to fix this problem???

Re: Internet Speeds Dropped Recently

Good morning @SQUARE7!


We reached out to you in private a couple days ago but haven't heard back from you. Please come back into our private chat.


Before we can answer your question, we'll need to gather your account information to look into any possible pending work orders.




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