Ignite internet static IP

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Ignite internet static IP

Hi I'm looking for instructions on obtaining a static IP. 


I'm currently working from home (because of covid) and naturally I access my db's and pbx phone system from home.


As with all public IPs they eventually refresh (such as with power outages which have been frequent in my area this winter)


With that in mind I have a need for a static IP so it does not keep refreshing on me and my boss does not need to keep adding a new IP to the office's whitelist.


What is the best way to have one setup. The last time I asked support they did not seem to know what a static IP was which does not provide any faith that they will be able to assist me if I call them again




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Re: Ignite internet static IP

Hello, @CalfynNyflac


Thanks so much for posting your inquiry in the community!


I can understand how convenient it would be to have a static IP service for your internet. Regrettably, static IPs are only available for business customers. You would need to sign up for business internet services in order to benefit from static IP.


You can reach out to them via any of the methods listed here: https://www.rogers.com/business/contact-us.


Let us know how it goes!