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Hitron modem freezing AND how to setup/connect ethernet cable to Hitron

I've been here awhile

I have a new LG smart TV and the white Rogers Hitron cube shaped modem (CODA-4582).

Speed tests show 40-45 Mbps download speeds over wifi 5G.

I have setup IPTV on the LG's builtin smartSTB and it works pretty well, even with one son on his phone youtubing and the other online on the PS4.

Until last night...


The IPTV would lock up and then the TV would display "Connection Problem" (did this 4-5x).

Turns out it was the modem needing a reset (because the iphones were disconnecting/freezing in wifi also).

So that's problem 1: Why does the modem keep freezing on me? Does Rogers provide a better modem (because I think Shaw does).


Tried multiple resets on modem and it kept happening. Unplugged TV also a few times.

Tried to change the IP address to for the TV but I got all confused with the modem/router setup and got error messages so I abandoned that approach.


Finally I tried connecting the TV to the modem by ethernet and that just doesn't want to work.

Ethernet cable plugged into TV LAN port and modem port 1.

Modem lights do not illuminate on modem ports but wifi works still.

And this is problem 2: How do I connect the TV (or anything else for that matter like a hard drive) to the Hitron using Ethernet? Is there something I need to change in Hitron configuration.


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Re: Hitron modem freezing AND how to setup/connect ethernet cable to Hitron


Hello, @grusz.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting the TV connection issues in the Community. Let's figure out the solution together since it was working until last night it indicates something changed. 


To analyze the signal levels at the modem, please navigate to Status/DOCSIS WAN and post the Downstream, Upstream and OFDM sections. We can discuss the next step after the signal analysis completed.


As for the Ethernet connection, no action required on the modem. Have you checked the TV's Network settings? You may have to navigate to Settings/Network and start the connection. 




Re: Hitron modem freezing AND how to setup/connect ethernet cable to Hitron

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@grusz the modems that Shaw and Rogers provide to their customers are essentially the same, with minor variations on the firmware.  Shaw is much much more restrictive in the configurations that they allow, opting for a tightly controlled pass-through mode instead of a user controlled full Bridge mode that Rogers allows, which in turn allows the customer to use their own modems.  The Bridge  configuration allowed by Rogers also allows all four ethernet ports on the modem to connect to external devices.  Two of those devices will receive IPV4 and IPV6 addresses, and the remaining two will or should receive IPV6 addresses only.  Fwiw, Rogers and Hitron have been far more proactive, compared to Shaw when it comes to addressing modem issues.  


 As @RogersMoin points out, have a look at your tv configuration for an ethernet setup or test mode.  That might require activation in order to permit the tv's ethernet port to operate.  


On the modem side, log into the modem and navigate to the ADVANCED .... SWITCH CONTROL tab on the right hand side.  Ensure that the ports are enabled.  When they are enabled, they should show the connection rate and whether or not the port is operating in Full Duplex mode or other mode. 


Are you connecting the modem and tv via single run, commercially produced cable, or are you using house ethernet cabling to connect the tv?  If you're using house ethernet cabling you would have to know that all of the cabling and wallport connectors are operable, and they would probably have to connect thru an ethernet switch which is usually located in the structured wiring panel, where the house cabling originates. 

Re: Hitron modem freezing AND how to setup/connect ethernet cable to Hitron

I've been here awhile

Here is the stuff you said I should post:


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