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Gigabite Rogers - Docsis report - Should I have more than one upstream?

I'm here a lot

I've been getting errors and disconnections lately, in particular while playing Call of Duty. Can anyone tell me if they think I have a problem on my line?


**Edited MAC info -- Keep personal info private - RogersZia


Downstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Signal noise ratio (dB)
1 651000000 QAM256 3.099 16 38.983
2 849000000 QAM256 -5.599 2 35.779
3 855000000 QAM256 -7.200 3 35.083
4 861000000 QAM256 -8.799 4 33.956
5 579000000 QAM256 5.800 5 38.605
6 585000000 QAM256 6.300 6 40.366
7 591000000 QAM256 6.099 7 38.983
8 597000000 QAM256 5.599 8 38.983
9 603000000 QAM256 5.300 9 38.605
10 609000000 QAM256 4.400 10 38.983
11 615000000 QAM256 4.300 11 38.605
12 621000000 QAM256 4.000 12 38.983
13 633000000 QAM256 3.299 13 38.983
14 639000000 QAM256 2.599 14 38.605
15 645000000 QAM256 2.799 15 38.983
16 303000000 QAM256 9.400 1 38.983
17 657000000 QAM256 3.599 17 38.605
18 663000000 QAM256 3.799 18 38.983
19 669000000 QAM256 3.599 19 38.983
20 675000000 QAM256 3.400 20 38.983
21 681000000 QAM256 3.000 21 38.983
22 687000000 QAM256 2.799 22 38.983
23 693000000 QAM256 2.799 23 38.983
24 699000000 QAM256 2.299 24 38.605
25 705000000 QAM256 2.099 25 38.983
26 711000000 QAM256 1.900 26 38.983
27 717000000 QAM256 1.500 27 38.983
28 723000000 QAM256 1.099 28 38.983
29 825000000 QAM256 -3.799 29 36.609
30 831000000 QAM256 -4.099 30 36.386
31 837000000 QAM256 -4.299 31 36.609
32 843000000 QAM256 -4.799 32 36.386
OFDM Downstream Overview
Receiver FFT type Subcarr 0 Frequency(MHz) PLC locked NCP locked MDC1 locked PLC power(dBmv)
1 4K 290600000 YES YES YES 7.400002
Upstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Bandwidth
1 22100000 64QAM 56.010 1 3200000
2 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
3 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
4 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
5 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
6 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
7 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000
8 0 QAM_NONE - --- 1600000




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Re: Gigabite Rogers - Docsis report - Should I have more than one upstream?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Pastuch call tech support and advise the Customer Service Rep that your modem's signal levels are all over the place and that you only have one upstream channel running.  The short version of this is that you probably have problems with the external cable that runs from your home to the local tap which is located in a green pedestal in the case of underground cabling or at the nearest utility pole in the case of overhead cabling.  


Ask the tech to run a signal check on the modem.  That check should fail automatically, followed by a conversation to get a field tech out to your home to check/replace the external cabling and its connectors. 


The upper DOCSIS 3.0 channels (1 to 32) should be at 0 dBmV for signal levels, with a signal to noise ratio in the 36 to 40 dB range and all running at 256 QAM.


You should probably have four upstream channels, possibly three depending on the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) that your modem connects to.  The signal level should be around 30 to 32 dBmV for this modem. 


This modem uses a DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM channel for downstream data.  There isn't enough data to asses the health of that channel but, it appears that the signal level is probably too high as well for this channel and the channel appears to have a downward slope, in terms of the signal level, possibly exceeding the allowable min to max range for the OFDM channe.


Your modem is running firmware version or greater.  If this was loaded very recently I would advise you to run a reboot, ADMIN  .... DEVICE RESET ... Reboot.  Note that running a reboot will temporarily result in restoring the upstream channels to their normal operating status, but, that will be short lived as the reboot does not solve the underlying problem which requires a tech to sort out.  However, if the firmware load was a recent event, I recommend a reboot, and possibly a full modem factory reset in order to see the best performance out of the modem.  


Can you log into the modem and check the Software Version (firmware version) that is shown on the STATUS page.  That page is displayed when you log into the modem.  Please let me know what version you have loaded.  

Re: Gigabite Rogers - Docsis report - Should I have more than one upstream?

Ugh. How many techs is rogers going to send?!? This is ridiculous.

Re: Gigabite Rogers - Docsis report - Should I have more than one upstream?

@Pastuch  have you already had Rogers techs out to your home to resolve the issue.  If so, ask for a Senior tech (real Rogers tech).

Re: Gigabite Rogers - Docsis report - Should I have more than one upstream?

I signed up for gigabit internet 6 months ago and it's been a nightmare since day one.  At first I wasn't even getting 200mbs down. A tech came out and installed a signal booster and did some rewiring in the house. Now I get the full speeds most of the time but the last 4 days have been a nightmare.  I work from home so this is seriously intrusive. I just called rogers and they are sending another tech who they say can't enter my home due to Covid 19. This means I may have to cancel internet due to lack of service if the issue is the coax in my house.


**Removed log due to privacy concerns. Please repost without personal info -- RogersZia

Re: Gigabite Rogers - Docsis report - Should I have more than one upstream?

Ok, can you either delete that table or remove the actual modem MAC address that follows "CM-MAC="


Fwiw, adding a signal amp to resolve a cable signal problem isn't a great solution.  The amp will hide cable problems and amplify already existing terrible cable signal levels and noise.  The right solution is to resolve the cable issues, one way or the other.  That will probably take a Senior tech and possibly a Maintenance crew if this is a larger area issue.  


The real way to determine the cable signal levels is to remove the amp to see the raw data.  If you have the time and patience, you could move the modem to the location where the amp is located, disconnect the amp and connect the incoming cable directly to the modem.  That will really show what's going on with the signal levels.  


The other way to do this is to take the amp out of the picture and connect the incoming cable to the cable that runs to the modem location.  That requires an F-81 connector or possibly a splitter, depending on the number of output ports of the splitter.  The F-81 connector would be a better choice as it shouldn't impose any signal loss.  The splitter will cause signal loss thru the splitter, that's just the nature of the beast as they say.  A two port splitter might work, depending on the original signal levels on the incoming cable.  The F-81 connector looks like this:


That connector is the one that is used in cable ports in your home, so, you could scrounge one from a wallplate if that wallplate cable port isn't in use.  That splitter as shown is a 3 Ghz connector, which will handle the higher frequency range of the cable system when Rogers enables the higher frequencies at some point in the future.  The current splitters in most homes don't have that frequency range, but, for now, for test purposes, any F-81 connector will do.  


The problem here is that even if you were to cancel and move to a TPIA, you're still using the same cable system and you'll still have the same issues. The only way to solve the issue is for Rogers techs to really solve the issue, or, you move to Bell Fibre is that is available to you.  If it is, my question would be, why are you still running cable internet?  


If you looked at the amp, you should see a port marked for VOIP purposes.  That port should be used for the internet modem, unless of course you're running a VOIP phone, in which case its a toss up as to which has more importance, the phone or the internet modem.  Connecting the modem to any other port can cause packet loss, which is why that port is the one that should be used for the internet modem.  That port is not amplified, so the signal drop thru the amp will be -3.5 dB, the same as a two port splitter.  


Personal opinion, I'd remove the amp, let the modem settle itself to see what happens with the signal levels and then call tech support.  I suspect that without the amp, your signal levels will be in the large negative range.  Just how bad they are would be interesting to see.  Fwiw, cabling inside the home rarely goes bad.  It can happen, but we don't see that happen as a regular occurrence. 

Re: Gigabite Rogers - Docsis report - Should I have more than one upstream?

I'm a senior contributor

If you have had issues with cable signal that has gone unresolved for months, I would advise that you contact .  They can schedule a proper Rogers tech as Datalink has mentioned and look at giving you a billing credit for your time and trouble. 


More info about the office can be found here:

I think  with a correct tech, it should be easy enough to figure out the failure point:


- Check the tap outside your home to see what signal level is coming from that.  If that is out of spec, the tech should open a maintenance ticket to get things checked out.


- If the signal at the tap is fine, the next step is to check the signal at the side of your home.  If that is having issues, then they would need to run a temp wire from the tap to the side of the house to get your connection stabilized.  They would also open a work order to replace the underground wire as that may be damaged.


If both the tap and the side of the house signals are fine, then the issue could be with the wiring in the home.  This is where things could get tricky with the Covid 19 restrictions.  A good way to check the wiring issue yourself is to find the main drop of the cable from the side of the house into your home.  Connect your modem directly into this wire without any other splitters, amps, etc. and see what the levels are.  If they are much improved, you will need to check if one of your cable runs is having issues.  You could have an old splitter connected somewhere that is causing the high return values.  


Hope this helps.

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