Delay In Rogers Email Delivery

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Delay In Rogers Email Delivery

Recently I am seeing several emails which are delayed over a day or so. I'm still seeing regular emails but some just don't get through in a timely manner. The delayed are coming from different emails and providers. A few days ago there was an email chain with a dozen colleagues going back and forth and when a saw a reply to an email that I didn't receive the previous I asked the person to let me know what happens. It took a couple of days but she finally received this message "There was an error while attempting to deliver your message with [Subject: "RE: Re: Michael knocked another one out"] to It has been in queue too long, and will not attempt delivery again. "


I have had the same email account for many years and not sure what to do. The delay in some emails simply doesn't work for me as many are time sensitive. I don't really want to go to a different email account.





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Re: Delay In Rogers Email Delivery

Hello, @anynaudi.


Thank you for your patience and for sharing your email concerns with the Community. 


Delays in emails send/receive can be quite inconvenient. We'd look into finding a solution for you; please answer the following: 

  • Are you experiencing delays in both sending and receiving?
  • What Operating System and email client are you using?
  • Are you using POP or IMAP?
  • Are you using an App Password?
  • Do you check email on more than one device?
  • Have you tried the webmail to see if sending/receiving happens instantaneously?

Looking forward to hearing from you!