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Constant ping/latency spikes

I've been around

This issue has been going on going on for years. I have complained so many times, and I get brushed off every time.

Basically, for 5 mins I have perfect speed and service, no latency issues, then for 10-15 seconds I’ll have brutally high ping. If I’m in a video call for work, It’ll freeze and I won’t be able to hear anyone for that time, then everything will go back to normal for 10 mins again, and repeat.

If I’m playing a game, I’ll freeze in place for time, and then it’ll go back to normal

I tried a mesh system, I tried wired, I tried a wifi repeater, doesn’t matter.

I have tried to get help so many times and they just keep telling me everything is fine

I have asked them to let me try the new ignite router, they won’t give it to me

I actually gave up gaming for nearly 8 months because it’s incredibly annoying to have these lag spikes in competitive games. I avoid working from home and actually commute extra days to the office just so I don’t freeze in important meetings and look unprofessional

The competitor only offers 50mbps in my neighbourhood, and I am not kidding, the service is better. If I didn’t have a full house of heavy usage (I have 1.5 gbps with rogers), I would happily stay with the 50mbps at the competitor because at least it’s consistent and doesn’t have constant ping spikes

I’m just incredibly frustrated now



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Re: Constant ping/latency spikes


Good evening @Skayb and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 


I appreciate the details you've shared and the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. I can understand how frustrating it is dealing with high latency. We definitely wish to take a closer look at your service.


Please provide us with a ping test and a traceroute when the latency is occurring. You can find the specific steps on how to do this here


Looking forward to your response.






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