Company VPN being Randomly blocked

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Company VPN being Randomly blocked

Our company is using an IPsec VPN, and various staff members with rogers are randomly now unable to access the network now.  No network changes for any of them, various modems. We've taken their laptops/devices to other locations with rogers networking that we know is allowing the VPN traffic through, and they connect fine. 


Any thoughts how we go forward outside of moving 100+ people off of rogers? 😞


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Re: Company VPN being Randomly blocked

Running IPV6 IPSEC by any chance? 


If so, have the employees bring up a command prompt and run an IPV6 trace to somewhere to see if:


1.  the web address resolves to an IPV6 address; and

2.  to see if the trace progresses beyond the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) which the modems are connected to.  The modems will be connected to their own CMTS where there are multiple CMTS's scattered around Rogers service territory.  


Run:     tracert -6


Take a poll from the affected employees to see if the IP address resolves to the end address or if an errror is returned, and if trace runs via IPV6 all the way to


Do you happen to have Rogers as a business provider?  If so, maybe its time for some tough talk with Rogers concerning your account and the support you need from Rogers for your employees. 


Fwiw, IPSEC VPN on Rogers modems have been a pain since Rogers introduced the Intel Puma modems approx 7 years (?) ago.  Usually the IPSEC VPN will run, but they are severely rate limited to 25 Mb/s.  There was to have been a firmware fix implemented for the white Puma 7 Coda-4582 (?) modems, but, that has probably been overtaken by a new firmware version  There is also the Puma 6 CGN3xxxx modems as well to consider.  I don't know if the IPSEC change was implemented in either modem.  @RogersIan might know, but, he isn't seen very much in the forums these days.