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YouTube App and lacking functionality

I've been around

So, I have seen another post here about this issue, however I cannot reply to any posts within it. So…I have been battling with Rogers for over a year about this very simple issue. Numerous tickets have been opened, only to have them closed by some lazy clown who feels it’s not their problem. They say its third party, well its NOT it is their hardware and that hardware commands the app to do certain things. The hardware ISNT commanding it like other hardware does. My Sony TV, my Samsung TV and Apple TV ALL allow a progressively faster FF or RW when the button is held down. This is a simple firmware update and apparently it needs to come from COMCAST, so…Rogers should have requested this from COMCAST long ago. 




Re: YouTube App and lacking functionality

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@MBSEVANS55  Actually, the YouTube app would come from Google... but it's also possible that Comcast's X1 platform has limitations that prevents the Google devs from offering similar functionality.  You might also be able to get additional playback controls by linking a YouTube mobile app to the YouTube app on the Ignite set-top box (do this through Settings on the Ignite YouTube app) but I don't have the ability to test this now.


If you want to make a suggestion to the Google YouTube app developers yourself, you can do that through the following link:

(Specify Comcast and Xi6 for the Brand/Model)

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