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WWE Network Login Fails

I've been here awhile


I'm sure this issue has been raised before, but it has been 4+ months since the WWE Network streaming site update which has prevented users in Canada from accessing the content via using their service provider.
I am currently subscribed to the WWE Network via Rogers Ignite TV and before the update (around June/July 2023) I could log in and access content without issue. For a few weeks after the update I could log in for about 10 minutes and watch something before being logged out automatically.
Since then, I can no longer login at all and the only message I get is "anErrorOccurred". It does not even state what the error is, nor an error code to provide to you. I'm not sure if the error lies with WWE Network or with Rogers, but it seems to only affect users who have to log in via a subscription provider such as Bell and Rogers.

It does not matter which browser I use, and clearing my cache does not help. I know that many other users are experiencing this issue so it is likely a major flaw in someone's code.

If you could please prioritize a ticket to fix this issue, that would be greatly appreciated. As it stands, I am subscribed to WWE Network mainly for the ability to stream older content and without access to it, I will be forced to cancel my subscription to that channel until this issue is resolved.

Re: WWE Network Login Fails


Hello, @Grenoble87 


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for posting your concerns. We certainly want to help you get this working.


Have you reported this issue to the WWE Network support teams? If you are having an issue with their website, that would be the best place to start to see if there is a known issue they are working on fixing.


Can  you try accessing it using Incognito Mode on the Chrome browser?


Let us know if issues are persistent.



Re: WWE Network Login Fails

I've been here awhile
I have contacted WWE and they asserted that the issue lies with the third-party providers (Rogers in this case).

I tried an incognito window to no avail on Chrome and Firefox. The error persists.

I suspect the issue may have something to do with how the Rogers account login page handles web tokens between it and the WWE Network in the HTTP Response code, but since I'm not a member of the technical team, I can only speculate.

Nonetheless, it should be simple enough for a member of the technical team to investigate and resolve this. If need be, WWE can likely provide the details needed to successfully login to their platform.

Re: WWE Network Login Fails

Good day @Grenoble87,


Thanks for letting us know the additional details. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you seeing this issue when using any other websites? Presently, we are not showing any known issues reported.


If you are saying that the issue seems to be happening across multiple web-browsers (even when using incognito mode), only with the WWE streaming site, and with multiple users being affected who are using various internet providers, it makes me think that it has to be something with the WWE website (not with the providers). That is just my thinking, though.


I can see if there is a ticket we can submit to have our back end teams review this further with WWE network. Feel free to send us a PM @CommunityHelps to get started.


Community, if anyone else is experiencing this same issue, we'd love to hear from you, too!


Kind regards,



Re: WWE Network Login Fails

Thank you for the response.

I agree that it seems like the issue ought to be with WWE, but I cannot tell. They insist that Rogers has to make a change.

As for additional details, this issue has been discussed on Reddit for months. It's possible few people were bringing it to Rogers attention. Here are some examples:

Furthermore, US customers of WWE and/or Peacock do not have any login issues.

The issue only comes up when users try to sign in via a non-US TV provider selector link. I have heard that recently a UK-based TV provider which had been experiencing this login issue now no longer does. It's not clear to me what changed, but if WWE had a part in the issue being fixed for this particular provider, they did not make this known to me when I contacted them about it.

Re: WWE Network Login Fails

Thank you so much for the additional information @Grenoble87


We appreciate you are taking the time to bring this up to our attention.


We've replied to your private message and will be happy to provide you with further assistance via PM.





Re: WWE Network Login Fails

Have you find a fix yet? I’m going nuts here lol. Can only fall asleep to attitude era wrestling 🤣

Re: WWE Network Login Fails

I've been here awhile
Not really. I was able to log in with an old account and access the library, but it still looks like I'm not logged in.

I basically had to type in a url to another page to get it to look like the normal site.

Very strange. Only works on my old account though. I created a new account and I can't do anything with it.
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