Limited 4k channels

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Limited 4k channels

Will there ever be an increase in 4k channels? Or is limited bandwidth the reason why it can't be increased with today's technology
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Resident Expert
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Re: Limited 4k channels

This is not a Rogers issue. I believe that Rogers provides all the channels that are available in 4K in Canada and there aren't many.  Most "broadcasters" are 1080i, 720P and some are still 480i.  Here's an FAQ on the topic.



I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Limited 4k channels

In order to broadcast any channel in 4k it requires 4k recording when the content were created. 

So, It really depends on the content creators and the broadcasters who are managing their servers to broadcast the channels. I think Rogers wouldn't mind to offer all the channels in 4k if that's available. 

Hope this answer will help!


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Limited 4k channels

Part of this also has to do with the current slate of 4K channels available to be carried in Canada but also whether the provider carries it or not.

Rogers currently carries the following:
Stingray Festival 4K
TSN & TSN 2 4K
Sportsnet Ontario & Sportsnet 4K (This is from the Ontario listings, btw. I'm unsure if for east of Ontario & Ottawa that they use the Sportsnet East feed for when there's no 4K content on the channel)

Rogers previously carried two channels before they got removed from the service: Stingray Now 4K & XITE 4K.

There are a few more existing 4K channels available in Canada which Rogers does not carry or has not carried as of yet:
-Travel XP 4K (Rogers currently carries the HD feed of this channel):

-Insight TV 4K:


-Love Nature 4K (Rogers currently carries the HD feed of this channel):


-Stingray Naturescape 4K:

But yeah, as of now there is a limited amount of channels & content available in 4K, but not every provider is going to carry every 4K channels, as it's up to their description.