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Internet and tv service outage

I've been around

TV AND INTERNET out again and yet no reports in Rogers service interruption page/twitter. After frustrating chat experience finally told there is an outage in the entire 705 area code and won’t be resolved for 3-6 hours. Why is this not posted on your twitter support page or service interruption page. Unacceptable for a supposed digital technology provider.


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Re: Internet and tv service outage

I've been around
To add insult to injury, their Twitter support staff tell you to DM them with your concern, but rarely ever reply.
Still waiting on a reply from the DM I sent on their last outage.
I get it, texhnology can mess up from time to time, but they could at least keep their social media updated and reply to DMs. I'm having tonuse my neighbours Bell internet to get info on this latest outage.

Re: Internet and tv service outage

Good afternoon @Doyle32, welcome to the Community!


I can imagine how inconvenient loss of service can be. I hope the services have been restored since you last posted here. Depending on how widespread an outage is, we do post about it on our Rogers Service Interruptions board.


@Fraggy, welcome to the Community! 


It's highly unusual for our Twitter team to not respond to a customer. In the event of long wait times, an automated welcome message is sent out letting customers know that there may be a delay in response. The only time I think they are unable to reply is if a customer is perhaps not following @RogersHelps.



Hope this helps :)!




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