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Ignite issues.

I plan to stick around

Am new to Ignite since Aug23. Prev was Shaw Gateway customer and with merger, Shaw 'forcing' Gateway users to Ignite TV.  I am in Vancouver.  Unbeleivable  problems with Ignite.    Issues: 

1. Lower channels ie 101 up to 115 cannot view. These are the standard broadcast networks , eg CBC, CTV, ABC , CNN  etc

2. 'streaming channels' ie History,  Velocity, SCI , NatGeo can view no problem.

3  Recording issues.  Ignite system records by Title...not by channel and time slot...thus if Title is on more than one channel, then Ignite records same episodes multiple times.

I have ctc Tech Support multiple times.  I have hard boot Modem, Cable Boxes multiple times.  I have had Tech Support 'refresh' multiple times.  Problems seem solved then system crashes out again per 1,2,3.

Strange how regular 'live' broadcast TV channels are unable to view.  BUT streaming channels are no problem.

Anyone out there in happy Rogers Land have same or similar service?



Re: Ignite issues.


Hello, @BarryC604.


Thank you for your post, and welcome to our Community! 


It's not pleasant that the transition to Ignite TV has been problematic. It's understandable that encountering multiple issues can be frustrating, especially when accessing standard broadcast channels and recording problems.


For the channels that can't be viewed, have you launched them via voice command? Lower channels may have a corresponding higher channel. 


We have discussed the Recording issues in multiple threads. You can start with this thread.


What's the model of your gateway and the TV boxes?


Please continue to work with tech support; they may have to submit a ticket to have your issue investigated. 


Community: Please share your Ignite TV experience if you are in Vancouver. 






Re: Ignite issues.

I plan to stick around

I have called multiple times after hard boot, refresh multiple times and the Ignite works, then after 4-7 days later it doesn't work.  Repeat.  It had gotten so bad that I got one month's credit.  Still, crashes.  Had an escalation 5 days ago, then TV crashes tonight.  CS got it working...for now...I insisted that a tech comes to replace all boxes and moden etc.   

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