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Ignite Closed Captioning Mess

I Plan to Stick Around

If you call up the Guide, or Info, etc. Closed Captioning will keep running over top of it making it impossible to read either. Closed Captioning should of course stop/disappear when bringing up any other text. 


Does anyone else not experience this? Turning CC off and on and off and on... not a realistic option. 


No idea how this could be overlooked in any kind of testing, but it's been there since inception of Ignite years ago, and W e've reported it more than once to Rogers. Nothing's been done.


Frustrating for those of us with disabilities don't mean much to Rogers. 


Reminiscent of the CC and other Next Box Navigator problems. 



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Re: Ignite Closed Captioning Mess


Hello @Johnrc123,


Thanks for your post! I can understand how this might be frustrating at times. Unfortunately, we do not have a way around this at this time.


We appreciate you sharing your feedback with the community and hopefully we'll see some changes in the future! 🙂


Kind regards,




Re: Ignite Closed Captioning Mess

I Plan to Stick Around

Thank you for your response, RogersLuara. Given that this has been reported to Rogers on a number of occasions and that Ignite was released ~3 years ago how hopeful do you think those of us with disabilities should be?

Re: Ignite Closed Captioning Mess

Hello, @Johnrc123


Thanks so much for following up with us on this matter.


As a work around you can assign the closed captioning toggle on/off to a short cut button on the remote. To do this go into your Settings, then go to Accessibility Settings, then scroll down to Remote Shortcut Options, select Closed Captioning. 


This will allow you to quickly toggle closed captioning on or off by pressing the "B" button on the remote twice quickly before loading the guide and then after to turn it back on.


I hope this helps!





Re: Ignite Closed Captioning Mess

One thing that should be known here too.
Rogers really doesnt do any of the 'development' on these boxes. 
They are renting/buying the technology from Comcast in the US.  That is generally where all the development comes from.

So any major changes would have to go from rogers.. down to them.  Then its up to them to choose what they are going to actually do.