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Rogers Ignite - Configuring Answering Machine & Fax

I'm here a lot

Previously, with the standard Rogers home phone I had my physical answering machine (plugged into a wall jack) pick up on 3 rings.  If someone wanted to send me a fax, my fax machine (plugged into a different wall outlet, using the same phone number) detected the fax noise when either I or my answering machine picked up the call.  Everything worked fine.


I recently switched to an Ignite modem with Rogers home phone and now neither my answering machine nor fax picks up calls.  When I call my home phone, it just goes to Rogers voice-mail if I don't answer, which I have not set up.  What I would like to achieve is to have the same functionality as before, having both: (1) voice-mail or answering machine and (2) also having the ability for my fax to pick up fax calls if someone sends me a fax. 


On the modem, I have my phone plugged into TEL1 and TEL2 is empty.  Does anyone know what sort of configuration of plugging the answering machine/fax into TEL1/TEL2 (with splitter, which I would have to buy) will work for want I want to achieve or am I out of luck?  




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Re: Rogers Ignite - Configuring Answering Machine & Fax

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Hi Buckoo,
Maybe call them to see if the built in voicemail can be disabled? I presume this is possible since other companies can disable or exclude this feature. Let us know what happens

Re: Rogers Ignite - Configuring Answering Machine & Fax

I'm here a lot

I don't think it is the existence of the Rogers voice-mail that is the problem, as it only picks up after 5 rings and I think it was always there in some form, even before the switch to Ignite.


Rather, my problem is that I used to have several wall jacks I could plug the answering machine & fax into, both of which would "pick up the call" as appropriate.  Now I only have TEL1/TEL2 slots on the modem. 


Since the answering machine used to pick up the call after 3 rings, it functioned the same as me answering the phone as far as the fax machine was concerned.

Re: Rogers Ignite - Configuring Answering Machine & Fax

Did you find a solution to this?  I am encountering the same issue.  I can send a fax but not receive them.  Currently on hold with rogers.


Re: Rogers Ignite - Configuring Answering Machine & Fax

The Tel1 port on the ignite unit needs to connect to the nearest Telephone wall jack to "activate" the rest of the wall jacks in your house.

if you plug a phone set directly into the ignite modem, only that phone will operate. your other devices such as fax or answering machine wont work, so do that first.

but also if you really dont use rogers ignite voicemail, please ask for it to be removed from your line if u have your own answering machine. I dont know how many people used to say the same thing you told me but then have problems with people leaving messages on the ignite voicemail when theyre on a call. yes when your on a call your answering machine wont pick up the message it goes to your ignite voicemail, you now have 2 answering machines which will answer depending on the line status, this can be confusing so keep it as simple as possible, if u dont need something like ignite voicemail, get rid of it,
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