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A careless Rogers Tech cut my main cable line.

I'm here a lot

A careless Rogers Tech cut my main cable line.


I was at work, I got home, and my mom tells me the phone, tv, and internet all do not work.


She told me a Rogers tech was outside between the house here and the neighbor's house (Location of cable tap). Since that time none of our Rogers services have been working starting November 12, 2020 around 11am.


She said she called Rogers and all they told her was no issues in the area and reboot the modem no help at all.


I go outside and find the cable tap box was left open to the elements and most wires have been disconnected or been cut including mine. I could see the wire that was installed a few years ago going from the the cable tap to my service panel on the side of the house that is underground because it was only installed a few inches under the grass and I was here when the line was installed so I know what line should be mine based on the direction of the cable run.


I see my cable was cut using wire cutters with a bunch of other cables that have been cut and disconnected and the cable tap box was left open that anyone can play in there including kids, animals, and open to the elements like the weather to deteriorate the equipment.


I contacted Rogers tech support and al they told me is we can only send out a technician November 20th. That's a service outage from November 12 to November 20 or more because a careless Rogers technician cut my main cable line that gives me all my Rogers services including my home phone and my mom is elderly and she has a lifeline and we do not have a cell phone at all along with my internet service being down and when I'm on call for work I, work can't contact me using my home phone or internet. On top of that I'm also a graphic artist, webdev, and I manage many facebook pages and websites and I can't even do that at the moment losing income and having a few worried clients. Oh and the tv does not work.


Why is Rogers so quick to come cut wires destroying my service and leaving the cable tap box wide open and never came back to close it or repair my services. They are not quick at all on coming back to restore my services and secure the cable tap box.


I pay my bill, I've never had a billing issue, fix my service right now.


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Re: A careless Rogers Tech cut my main cable line.

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That does not make sense. Usually a cut line or compete service outage they are they ASAP.

Re: A careless Rogers Tech cut my main cable line.


Hello, @cdmlb


I can imagine how frustrating this entire ordeal has been for you and I know how important it is to stay connected especially if you are using the home phone to connect to a lifeline for your mom. 


@Don_Ca is absolutely correct, this should have been given the highest priority for a technician as soon as possible. We'd like to take a look at this for you and escalate it so we can get someone out sooner. I can personally reach out to the technician dispatchers for you and see what options are available.


Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, click here.


We look forward to hearing from you.



Re: A careless Rogers Tech cut my main cable line.

I've been around
Most Rogers technicians care for their customers, and are very professional. very few left of these, now most work is done by contractors and they only care for the dollar, they work piece work, and don't care of the mess they leave.... I'm a retired employee, i wish you luck.

Re: A careless Rogers Tech cut my main cable line.

I've been around
The same thing happened to me today. This billion dollar corporation have offered $6 per day compensation for a service I pay over $2000 per year.
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