Forum "conventions" need and update

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Forum "conventions" need and update

When I participate in a discussion about something...anything....on the forums, I'll received an email any time someone else posts a comment.

That email looks like this:

You have a new Subscription update in the Rogers Community Forums
Community Mailer <>
24 Jan 2019, 11:27 (22 hours ago)
 to michaelscott
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Community Forums
 You have a new Subscription Update in the Rogers Community Forums


Hi Bultaco,


ihatecrtc (I Like it Here) posted a new reply in Account Support on 01-24-2019 11:27 AM :

Join the conversation below:


Re: Poor Customer Service


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First off, what does "You have a new subscription update" mean?

Do you mean to say, "Someone else has posted a comment in a discussion you've subscribed to"?

To add to the confusion, when/if I click on "Unsubscribe" at the bottom, I am taken to a page that looks like THIS:


Confirm Operation

Thanks for letting us know your email preferences.
Click Confirm to unsubscribe from this email.
If you've changed your mind, click Cancel or just close the window. 
If you want to add a different email address to your account, go to My Settings and choose Personal Profile : Email tab. You can't reuse your previous email address.


The wording on THIS page looks as though I'm being offered the opportunity to UNSUBSCRIBE from the forums completely.

Am I?

Wouldn't it be a little less confusing if you just said "Click Confirm to unsubscribe from THIS CONVERSATION"?


To make matters worse, if/when I click on Confirm.....I get THIS page: (which gives every impression that I have been un-enrolled from the Community Forums COMPLETELY! ("We removed your email address from your account"????? REALLY??)

We have removed your email address.


Tell me I'm totally out in left field........but, I don't think so.

Anyone else have a comment on this?

Solved! Go to Solution.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Forum "conventions" need and update

@Bultaco  : If you wish to modify your subscriptions (e-mail notices, etc). click on your avatar at the top right of the screen after logging in, then go to "My Subscriptions", then "Notification Settings" and set it up the way you want.  Check out any other settings you have there so that the forum works the way you want. The default settings of any forum, TV, set-top-box, etc are rarely what you want, so you need to set things up to optimize your settings.


For example, I have mine set up to e-mail me if there's a new post in a thread where I'm participating, or if I'm mentioned.  You may have different preferences, but you need to change those preferences to what you want.