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Adieu Rogers!

Well, at least partially, but for sure no longer an Internet and Cable TV customer... Last night, it was one of the most frustrating customer service experiences I had with Rogers. I gave them a 4-hour chance' to keep me as a customer, plus one last chance-call at around 11:45 PM that I dropped at 12:15 AM  after no one picked up the phone. Too bad they're too short-staffed and incapable to keep me, good for Bell they were ready to take my business.


So, at least regarding these services...  Adieu after almost 15 Years!!



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Re: Adieu Rogers!

Sorry to hear you are leaving. Just curious, was it a technical problem you are having? or something else? Are you unhappy with your channels? Price? Bundling? maybe one of us here can help answer any questions you have.

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Re: Adieu Rogers! -- Not yet

Bon Jour!
Well, I guess I'm back, at least momentarily. Thanks to Anna from the CR dept.
Main decision factor was that I got a reasonable deal that matched Bell's offer without the need of a contract.
Thanks again
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Re: Adieu Rogers! -- Not yet

Wow, you were lucky as well ! I didn't have this chance for Internet ... couldn't match, and worse : the first retention agent I had hung up on me when he saw I wanted to move on with the cancellation. I then moved to 3rd party without looking back, and will be transferred next week for Internet ... Landline and Wireless will follow later on probably ...

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Re: Adieu Rogers!

I am so disappointed with Rogers since last week.

Rogers called me  because in a month my current monthly rate for my TV, home phone and internet will end. 

I really don’t if Rogers is trying to go back in time when customer service was one big impersonal hustle .My recent experiences on the phone trying to establish a new and affordable contract/term, has been AWFUL!

It was so obvious that the CSR was reading from a script and the offers and rebuttals were outrageous and as impersonal as it gets .  Plus the email confirmations sent to me regarding the changes impossible to read and when I called back the explanation was not very satisfactory partly because the CSR seemed to have removed their head set, wasn’t really listening to me, nor able to hear me. How different I would have been treated if I was a NEW customer!

Rather than discussing with me what the different offers would cost/mth I listened to what my savings would be in total for a year.  I get a very small amount of $ from CPP and OAS per month and 90% goes into rent, utilities and some groceries. That’s it!


I watch approximately 4 channels on TV, by the end of each billing cycle, I usually have about 240gb available of my 250gb of  internet and home phone, it’s hardly used except to make one long-distance call to my one living relative who’s well into her 90s.

The best Rogers would offer me was a $35 INCREASE for the exact bundle! What a deal..NOT!

A lot of people who are living in subsidized housing are paying something like $10/month for internet and their rent is considerably cheaper than my market rate and  I am in that same low income bracket!I was on the wait list for more affordable housing for over 15 years as well as being on ODSP.

(My application got lost, then found and lost again. In the meantime my identity was stolen by a neighbour who opened  an account with Rogers using my address and ID. What a nightmare for the longest time getting Rogers collection and fraud departments to finally acknowledge that I was not the guilty party.)


If you’ve read any of my other posts in this community forum you’ll know that my attitude has been positive and respectful.


I am so upset with Rogers and living in one small room, having my few stations to  keep me company, take my mind off all my anxieties, a home phone that’s also my door bell and internet which has become almost more essential than having a home phone, I will be making that call once again to Rogers to cancel my services.

Paying my rent, having food in my fridge is priority. I can’t afford the luxury of my one means of entertainment if I become homeless.

The ear full I got last week of the heavy duty sell trying to convince me how much better life would be just to tell Ignite different commands to find me a movie or whatever, really annoyed me.I am not about to start talking to my TV or any other inanimate objects.  I also have speech problems and  don’t need the TV  or any other appliances not being able to understand what I just said.

Rogers I was feeling so good about you, happy with my products and services. Now I am not happy at all with you.

I may not pay you loads of money each month, but I have been a pretty good and regular customer since the 1970s, so for 35$ more /month now in 2019 that you want out of my old age pension,  is disgraceful and full of lucre.

Great way to start off a new year..NOT!

Finally I don’t get why customers have to haggle/negotiate, when renewing their services with you. I don’t have to go through all that with my landlord, the grocer or any other merchant.

It is so humiliating  having to explain and justify why I can’t afford to pay so much more for 4 channels, 9+gb of internet usage and a barely used home phone.

I am so depressed and worn out. I almost don’t care anymore.

It’s late, I’ve said enough. I have had enough.

am just too old and not well enough to go through all this worry about money.



Luna ( from the dark side of the moon)


“Some people are so poor that all they have is money."



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Re: Adieu Rogers!

Hello @luna,


We appreciate you taking the time to post your concern here in the Community. I'm just as disappointed to hear about your experience when you called in and spoke to a representative about your expiring promotions. Being on a fixed income I can understand how a $35.00 increase per month would not be feasible.


We can't thank you enough for your loyalty to the Rogers brand for such a long time and definitely do not want to lose you as a customer now! We'd really like an opportunity to take a look at this for you and see if there is anything we can do to get you a deal that fits in with your budget. We can't make any promises as we are limited by what the system will allow us to do but we will do our best to assist you. Please send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather your information and get started on a quote for you.


If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please Click Here to check out our Blog.


We look forward to your private message!



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Re: Adieu Rogers!

I just want to say thank you to RogersLaura as well as RogersMaude who worked with me in figuring out a very satisfactory solution to my financial concerns regarding my monthly bill.

There is always something new to learn and improve, I’ve been learning. It’s a 2 way street and all the Rogers moderators are and especially those with whom I have dealt with are eager and excellent communicators.


I know that when contracts are up and it’s that time of year to put on the negotiating hat, it can be a harrowing time.

Nerves get frayed, anxiety becomes your dinner and making that dreaded phone call can just about do you in.


So this is what I have learnt this time around.


After several calls with Rogers and feeling discouraged and depressed, I didn’t give up, nor did I get angry.

I did research to see what else I could possibly do and found all kinds of advice, suggestions and alternatives through many websites, videos and forums.  

Some appeared to be a great deal but when I added up all the hidden costs along with hours of operation for tech support etc., it was just not worth it. When I read about people’s experiences there was so much anger and frustration expressed. Then there were the people who went on about how to save loads of money by rigging up antennas, etc., and getting, (on a good day) a bunch of OTA channels in big cities.

I took some time to really think about all this and also reminded myself of my  previous nightmare experience when I  left Rogers for Bell and that was only for just over a month and a half of pure disappointment.

No way was I going to subject myself to that again.


So my conclusion was to find different ways and means of improving what I really need to communicate with Rogers. As anxious and depressed about my money or lack of, and so far then, no affordable offers, I made great efforts to be positive, honest about my situation and express it within the Rogers Community forums.


I am invested in Rogers, I’ve been a customer since the 1970s or early 80’s..It’s been so long ago I can’t remember exactly when right now.  Rogers has grown a lot and for the better and I suspect this a company that really does listen to what their customers have to say. (I’ve grown too.)

Reading comments in other forums that were angry and contentious I wondered how many of these angry people actually were able to work out a positive resolve. Probably not many because spewing out angered frustrations to the people who have the ability and option to help, would not  motivate anyone to help, when being verbally abused.


I have come to the realization that I do not have to play the game of leaving Rogers after each promo ends just so I can come back months later as a ’new’ customer.

I just have to be patient, keep calling, writing and be polite, honest and believe that eventually with a good attitude, things usually work out in the end.

And then that becomes a new beginning .

Today, I owe a new beginning with Rogers, (minus depression and anxiety), to RogersLaura who is my Rogers Angel!






' There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.'
Leonard Cohen
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Re: Adieu Rogers!

I gave you a "like" because it is so nice to read something positive about a situation that could fray the patience of saints.

I only wish could follow your lead, but alas, I am not and never have been comfortable nor had the desire to spend hours/days negotiating over a product or service. It seems easier to buy a house than get an affordable entertainment package.  However,  your advice is spot on.

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Re: Adieu Rogers!

Hi jays77,


Thank you for ‘like’ and the nice compliment!

Everyone has their own comfort level of how they might negotiate  with a company or business and also each person’s reasons are perhaps unique to their own personal situation. But I do appreciate your lovely acknowledgement!


All the best,


' There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.'
Leonard Cohen
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Re: Adieu Rogers!

I just wrote a long update in this forum that took a lot of thought putting it all together and as soon as I posted it Rogers signed me out and I lost all that I wrote. What a waste of time!

I wrote that I am not happy at all with Rogers. It was great getting another promo that was in my price range but that has been short lived because Rogers keeps changing the amount on my bill, sending me wrong info or just not sending me updated bills and details regarding the new promo. I have nothing in writing. Yet every time I get on the phone with any dept at Rogers I get more wrong info.

Last week I was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours with retention who claimed not to be familiar at all with the community forums nor aware that there were moderators and especially surprised when I told her about the PMs with a moderator who helped get me the promo.

The amount on my bill was about 45$ more than what it should have been. Retention lady insisted that it was because of my billing cycle date which took me forever to get her to see that the words, ‘billing cycle’ were nowhere to be found on my online bills and emails.

She finally told me that her manager would manually make the adjustment and that was another 1/2 hour hold. It also took a long time to convince her that my billing cycle was different from what she was claiming it to be. Today, the correct dates have magically appeared.

I called billing hours ago about why there was a directory assistance charge on my recent bill since I have not called them in over 20 years. She had no good explanation other than I wasn’t being charged because of my long distance plan. 

I asked her to please email me  an up to date bill with all the correct info as well as a long over due confirmation of my new promo with details etc. She promised that I would have it within 5 minutes after the call. Sure enough there still is nothing sent.

I do not have anything in writing that reflects this promo, length of time it’s good for and all the adjustments made.

Everyone I talk with at Rogers makes empty promises so my confidence with Rogers is gone. I dread having to call Rogers. I can’t even sign in to the forums and my Rogers most of the time and when I do my info is all messed up.

I have mentioned it in this community forum and also on the phone to a few CSRs. 

Still can’t sign in and stay signed in.

Also for over a year now I have not been able to access the lobby channel. (In going through all my notes and screen shots of previous bills and emails I realized that I’ve been without the lobby channel for much longer than I first thought.

Last week the fire alarm went off in my building for the longest time. I could hear the fire trucks pull up but couldn’t see what was going on in the lobby because Rogers has not fixed it yet.

This just added to the stress and anxiety I’ve been experiencing from the lack of competence and just not getting the service(s) I am paying for.

When I was going back in my notes I remembered having the same issues with the lobby channel and signals about 5 years ago.

The technicians that came out almost everyday for weeks were awful.

One paced up and down my apartment while being on speaker phone having an argument with a woman who yelled at him for not returning her messages. Another tech had a tantrum over a remote control that he just replaced because I showed him that it was defective. He threw the remote at me, missed hitting me as it flew across the room.

About a year before that, another technician who came out to fix a connection problem sexually assaulted me.

When I had techxpert (sp?) the guy who was assigned to my case became verbally abusive with me when he found out that I called tech support on Rogers main line.

Last month after the one technician who was here and was wonderful, another technician had to come out for the lobby channel ongoing issue and he spent the entire visit on a personal phone call. He got really annoyed with me for interrupting him and warned me that if I call Rogers to send a technician out again for this same problem I was going to be charged.

So between abusive technicians and pleasant sounding CSRs I am no further ahead with reliable and respectful service. I can’t count on Rogers to keep accurate info and to truly take ownership of signal problems and billing.

I have never been rude, have been positive and forgiving and now I wonder for what?

I spend so much time on the phone with Rogers and nothing seems to stick like where is lobby channel? Where is detailed info about my services in WRITING? 

I am so beyond stressed out that I can’t sleep or eat. I feel like Rogers is trying to pull a bait and switch and in the end I am paying Rogers to sit on the phone with Rogers  trying to get problems with Rogers resolved.

I was at the hospital recently and I was so distraught from all this, I just couldn’t stop crying. I also didn’t want to go home because the thought of counting on all my services with Rogers working was non existent.

Maybe I am just a stupid old woman for hanging in there with Rogers since the 1970s.

What is so complicated and difficult for Rogers to email me the details of our agreement in a timely fashion ? And why can’t Rogers be consistent with my monthly billing and get the rate correct?

I am so fed up with calling and calling only to realize that I accomplished nothing. Nobody took ownership of the problems with Rogers products and services.

I am not angry, I am disgusted with how Rogers has treated me over the years. It’s 2019 and right now I want to say to you Rogers, you win, you’ve broken me down real good this time.


' There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.'
Leonard Cohen