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Hey Community,


Great news! You can now use the Ignite TV app or web portal to set your digital video recordings (DVR).


Ignite TV customers can now view existing recordings, set a new recording timer or cancel a recording event all within the Ignite TV app or web portal. You have the option to record a single episode or an entire series as well as delete saved content.


To access these features you must download the app or go visit the web portal and sign in using your MyRogers credentials. There is no charge to access these features. 


Note: To access the app and web portal you must subscribe to Ignite TV. 


Follow these steps to schedule or remove recordings using the Ignite TV app:



 1. Launch the Ignite TV app.


 2. Navigate to the program you want to record. 


 3. Select Record

The Record Options will display, select your preference.

  • Just This Episode
  • Set Series Recording


  • If you selected Just This Episode, click Confirm. You’ll see a message confirming you’ve successfully scheduled your recording.
  • If you selected Set Series Recording, continue to the next step to customize your settings.

 4. Customize the Series Recording settings.

Series Recording Options:

  • Record
  • Channels
  • Save
  • Keep
  • Start
  • Stop

 5. Click Confirm

You’ll see a message confirming you’ve successfully scheduled your recording.


I Plan to Stick Around

Finally! Thank you Rogers for adding this feature. It will be well used for sure. 

I'm a Reliable Contributor
Why is everything new only for Ignite? Do digital customers count for any thing with Rogers? Still grab my $125 a month no problem.
I Plan to Stick Around

Finally!!! Thank you! 


Suggestion, the IgniteTV app would benefit from a Whats New popup after an update so more customers are aware of important changes such as this one.

I Plan to Stick Around

I should have followed up sooner but the day after I made my previous post I got this notice on my device. 


I ❤️ it! Thank you Rogers 😄 


In-App noticeIn-App notice

I've Been Here Awhile

Can we get an Ignite TV app on Roku the same way Xfinity Stream is available for Roku and the other popular streaming boxes too like Android TV?