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unlock code doesn't work

I've been here awhile

i requested from rogers to unlock my samsung s3 phone, but the unlock code they have given didn't work. after i tried for several times, i called them again and said to me that i need to call them again tomorrow because they can't access my profile. So, i called again the next day and said to me that i need to wait for an email from them for instructions (which they said it wont take long to come), but the whole day is done but no email came. Again, the next day i called and now they told me to just keep trying it until it works... So it's been 3 days already trying to unlock my phone but the code just simply wont work. anyone please help.



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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Hi @mammasphone!


Welcome to the community!


I can appreciate wanting to see your phone unlocked and how frustrating this must be for you :(. Alas if we've already provided the unlock code and the master unlock code our ability to assist has been exhausted. You may need to take Samsung's advice in this regard. 


Perhaps other's in the community may have some additional insight though.



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