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galaxy s6 dropped calls

I've been around
I am having major issues. My calls are dropping like crazy. I have 4g and full bars and they still drop. I read online to turn off mobile data and calls will work. I did that and I am okay with my calls but now I have no data. Pls help.
Ps. I called rogers and they don't know what to tell me.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

this has actually shed some light on the issue



these handsets should be recalled

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I dont think its a problme with the s6 attenna design, if it was my girl friend's s6 on Bell would also have the same problems which she has none of, she can wander around the house no dropped calls at all.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

yea my buddy on bell has no issues but he told me when he first got it that wasnt the case and they had to do some kind of optimization for the phone to work properly on there network but that was done and now he has no issues.... I notice when I have a very strong 4G signal and VOLTE off I don't have really any problems but for the most part my 4G signal is low.... 3G and LTE is always decent

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I plan to stick around

Samsung Galaxy S6 poor reception


Wonder if anyone can help me out or suggest some troubleshooting for me.  I have owned this phone for almost a year now.  Up until a month or so ago everything was fine.  Now I am experiencing dropped reception even in busy cities like Mississauga.  There are spots in the city where I am getting full LTE no issues, and other places it's a dead zone and I can't get ANY reception at all.  You would think in the GTA this should not happen (I could understand out in the middle of nowhere).


This never happened to me before, so I am wondering if something is wrong with my phone or if something needs to be done software wise to help correct an issue.  I have heard reports about Samsung switching out the antenna for a different style with the S6 which has led to reception issues, but I can't understand why my phone will show 4G yet I have ZERO reception and can't use any data, make any calls or anything.  If it shows LTE then there are usually no issues.


I just updated the phone to Marshmallow today, but I can't say that will fix anything in regards to the reception.  Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and wonder what they did to correct it.


Any help would be appreciated,



Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I've been around
I have a nexus 5x and my calls are dropping like crazy. The same phone was hooked up to bell and I had 0 issues. I'm thinking the Rogers Network just isn't as good.

I'll be on the phone and my call will scramble, or just drop. I remember the same thing occurring last time I was with Rogers back 15 years ago. It may be time for me to go back to Bell.

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

I've been around

I have a Samsung S7 and it is doing the same thing. I will be talking to people and I can hear them and they cant hear me. I also had my phone shut down and reload on the start up page and got severely hot for 3 hours. Rogers centre told me a have to shut my phone down 1 day a week. Never had to do this with my Samsung S6. Also I'm on call and my boss tried calling and the phone never rang in to me but the message centre had a text that someone had called. This is not the first time people have tried calling and it doesn't go through. Just looking for some answers on how to proceed here. Any thoughts?

Re: galaxy s6 dropped calls

Good evening & welcome to the Community @dragonfly74,



I can only imagine how inconvenient this experience has been. How long have you experienced this issue for? Have you noticed if this is specific to a certain location? Have you tried to reset the Network Settings?


Just need a little bit more info. to assist you furtherRobot Happy.






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