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Text messages not sending ?

I've been here awhile

Hi !
I was just wondering what was wrong with my phone and how to fix the text messaging system.

Every once in awhile my phone suddenly stops sending my messages, however, I can still receive texts.
Sometimes I just wait it out but it takes days and it's quite frustrating.
Sometimes if i'm lucky during this period, the message still makes it out to the outbox and I can try to resend it

Though that only works for about 20% of the time


* And I don't believe this is related to any billing problems because I have over 2000 texts remaining from a texting add on I bought around last month.


Help please ?

Thanks !


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Re: Text messages not sending ?

this is not so much a problem anymore. if you noticed back in the day, EVERYONE used SMS and ONLY SMS, but in the last years, there are so many messaging apps, third party that people use widely such as Google messages (RCS), Face Book messenger, insta graham, what's app, black berry messenger, snap chat, we chat, skype, and even private ones from peoples companies. there is less and less load on SMS servers now a days during new years and messages should go thru just fine, now a problem with an app on new years has nothing to do with rogers and its due to volume of traffic on that messaging app.
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