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Roam Like Home Issues

I plan to stick around

Roam Like Home is having a couple of weird issues and I was wondering if anybody else had the same issues or knew of any fixes.  A person on my plan is currently in India and using the feature. She is currently experiencing a few problems. 


1. There is a lag on both sides of the conversation during phone calls. If I say hello she will hear it about 1 second later and vice-versa. This has happened to me as well when I was using the feature outside of Canada. 


2. The bigger issue is when she gets an incoming call from anywhere but India. Yesterday I called her from my 604 number and her caller id showed a completely random local India number. 


3. Not sure if there is a fix for this problem but people in India that call her number are forced to pay international rates since they are calling a Canadian number, any ideas on how this can be avoided? I had asked Rogers in the past before I went out of town and they said the local people should pay local calling rates. 


Re: Roam Like Home Issues

Hey @stanhum16,


I can understand your concern. It's definitely important to be connected while abroad. Unfortunately, I checked our inbox and at the time of this post, we didn't receive a PM from you. We did however receive the PM you sent shortly after and replied. Please check your inbox.




Re: Roam Like Home Issues

I plan to stick around

"I had asked Rogers in the past before I went out of town and they said the local people should pay local calling rates. "

This is NEVER the case unless those local people are in your same local calling area at home.  This applies in Canada and abroad.  


When roaming, you can call OUT to any phone in Canada or in the country you're the solution is for the person to call those in India and not receive calls from India.

Always use what's called E.164 format dialling:  + country code + area code +local number.  Drop the leading zero in most cases.

Re: Roam Like Home Issues

I plan to stick around

The number thing (showing an unrelated local number as the caller) even happens in certain towers in the USA when roaming. I know of at least two towers that do this on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately, with tech support, you get the run around.   The carrier in the USA says it is a home carrier, and the carrier in Canada says it is the US carrier.  And it never gets fixed.  Ever.

Re: Roam Like Home Issues

I've been around

Hi, I'm a user of Roam Like Home. I've used it before in other countries without any problems. However, in India, I am able to accept calls but I can't make any calls. This is really difficult as I need my phone to make calls to work, etc, and I've already missed some important things so the matter is pretty urgent. Please let me know how to fix this because I've not had any other problems with roam like home in other countries, just India. I know it's not my phone that's the problem because I inserted a local sim and was able to place local calls. 

Re: Roam Like Home Issues

I've been here awhile
Try Switching to manual network selection and see if that helps.

Re: Roam Like Home Issues

I've been around

Hi there . My name is Burim. I’m Rogers customer for a longe time . I’m in Europe for visit , this is the first time happening I can not connect with roming. Can anyone help me pleas thank .

Re: Roam Like Home Issues

Hi @Lumi76,


Welcome to our community forums and great first post! We hope you are enjoying your travels abroad and have been keeping safe and well! 😊


I'm sorry to hear that you've been having some issues with roaming on your cellphone. Hopefully, we can help you get to the bottom of it! Normally, once you enter a Roam Like Home eligible destination, you should get an automatic text message letting you know. May I please confirm the following?


- Where in Europe you are travelling? (Which country).

- Are you unable to make/receive calls, send/receive text messages and/or use your mobile data while roaming? 

- When you attempt to use your roaming, do you receive any error messages?


Please make sure your roaming option is enabled in your device settings and that you are not in 'Flight/Airplane' mode. Please also try rebooting your device. If still no luck, please reach out to us via PM so we can investigate this for you further. 


For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Safe travels!




Re: Roam Like Home Issues

I've been here awhile
e wrote:
Roam like home India can't make calls

I'm in India on a business trip. Roam like home is enabled and I can use the internet and receive phone calls, BUT cannot make phone calls to numbers in Canada.

Tried all the number combinations suggested on the community site.

I specially switched to rogers a few weeks ago for this exact feature. I need this resolved please!

Re: Roam Like Home Issues

Good evening @damindar,


Welcome to the Community!


I hope you're staying safe while travelling :). This is definitely odd, are you able to make any local outgoing calls? Just want to ensure the issue is specific to international calling.


What is the make and model of your device? I see you've mentioned you have recently switched to Rogers, this could mean roaming may be restricted on the line.


Please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps so we can take a closer look into your account.  If you're not familiar with our private messaging system please visit the blog here






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