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$100 voucher discontinued?

I plan to stick around

I went into the store yesterday to purchase a $100 voucher for our Android phone for next year.


The store person told me that that program that lets you make one purchase to last a year is now discontinued.  However, for $180, he said I could purchase a voucher that would do the same thing.


So by discontinuing the program and starting another identical program, they can't be accused of an 80% increase in cost???!!!


I came home and tried chatting because I couldn't believe he got his facts straight.  I was directed to the "self care customer line" for pay as you go.   Can't talk to anyone there, either.  If this "increase" is true, I'm done with Rogers.  We cut off our TV and changed internet providers long ago.   Now it looks like the phone will go, too.




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Re: $100 voucher discontinued?

I plan to stick around
I only use my cell phone for emegerencies and the odd long long distance call. I have purchased The $100.00 a year pay as you go is perfect for me I never use that much and I have a bal of $141. that is due for renewal Aug 4th. There is no better plan for me

Re: $100 voucher discontinued?

I'm a senior advisor

@Marg1That is exactly how I use my PayGo phone and have been renewing annually for $100 for many years. I can still top up with $100 on line when it comes to renewal time, but whenever I have a balance of well over $100, I call the PayGo number ad ask to renew using $100 from my balance instead.


I believe this is now a grandfathered plan and no longer available.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
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