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Rogers iPhone Voice Mail 😖

I've been around

This is super frustrating! After years of having no problems with my iPhone and service from Rogers, since September 22, I can’t seem to resolve two problems.
1-I used to always have visual voicemail. It was not an “extra “service which Rogers is trying to sell me at $15 a month. It was simply included. Suddenly it disappeared, and now I am required to call in an order to obtain my messages and no longer receive a text transcription of the message.
What gives?!
2-my personal greeting on my voicemail is no longer active and the default is a generic message. It doesn’t matter how many times I record and save the message. It switches back to the generic greeting. This is especially frustrating as in Quebec for my business it’s courteous that the message is bilingual, which is not the case.
Again, these were never issues before some change that occurred around September.
Feedback would be appreciated




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Re: Rogers iPhone Voice Mail 😖

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

if you want your personal greeting then turn off live voicemail in the iphone settings

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